July job figures decline in six swing states


Twenty-two states reported a drop in payroll jobs last month, double the number for June, according to new Labor Department statistics. Among them were six of the states that could decide this fall’s presidential election.

The declines in most cases were slight, but they drove home the frailty of the jobs recovery and highlighted risks to President Bush’s re-election strategy. The White House has been counting on consistent, robust growth by now to restore confidence in the economy and counter grim news from Iraq.

The battleground states showing job losses in July were Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Pennsylvania and New Mexico, according to Labor Department figures released Aug. 20. Battleground, or swing, states are those expected to be close in this fall’s election, and they are drawing the bulk of both campaigns’ attention.

Don’t worry, swing state voters, help is on the way!

Maybe the Bush Administration could create some jobs by giving our poor battleground voters a job filming “unrelated” attack ads! Lord knows there’s enugh Scaife/Olin/Coors money earmarked for it!


Dress 'em up as Vietcong and have a Kerry lookalike machine gun 'em or something? :lol:

These are clearly the result of economic aftershocks from the Clinton presidency. Oh wait, that excuse doesn’t fly anymore, does it?

Well, it has been about 4 years…

Shows what happens when that Yahoo in the Oval Office pays strict attention to the important stuff, like his golf game.