Jumanji 2 - More Dwayne Johnson

Well it’s got a release date, Dec. 13, 2019, so now I say it’s not too early to start the topic. Dwayne Johnson is still a huge draw. I don’t mind about… half his movies, but my mom and my little sister are big fans. I walked into the first one with low expectations, actually thinking I would hate it, and left a pretty big fan. It was pretty darn funny.

Hopefully they get most if not all the in-game cast back.

OMG YAY! Best news I’ve seen all day.

It needs the 4 mains back imho. I enjoyed the first one, even if the bad guy was sorta boring.

I would actually like Nick Jonas back too. His character might not have been the highlight but it felt like he fit right in.

Yes, it especially needs Jack Black.

You meant to type Karen Gillan. Or… why not both! ;)


Also how about them stunt doubles, heh.

Yeah the first was far better than it had a right to be.

Consider me… potentially interested.

Well they were almost all amazing (Kevin Hart being the weakest link), but I feel Jack Black deserves a medal for his performance as a teenage girl.

Pretty ballsy to go up against Star Wars. Really shows what has happened to that franchise. I don’t think anyone would have dared do that on purpose until now, unless it was a gimmick like Austin Powers, which specifically marketed it.

I enjoyed it too, my GF is like, “ANYTHING WITH THE ROCK,” so even though I was compelled to go, I left very surprised and enjoyed it a lot. Jack Black was especially funny and I hope to hell they work in something just as ridiculous with him on the next go round.

More Rhys Darby or GTFO.

Also, let’s leave poor Bobby Cannavale home this time plz.


Not gonna lie: I will watch this.

Oh god, opening weekend.

I feel really guilty about it, but I am so very happy about this. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck.


It’s just not the kind of thing I generally go for (frivolous silliness and all that), but I really enjoyed the second one anyway, so…

The 1st one was a surprise hit for me too. It’s not usually my thing but the ensemble and the approach was just so spot on.

Great trailer!

If you’d asked me 5 years ago “which of these movies will become a franchise”, Jumanji would not have been anywhere near the top of my list (mostly because Zathura already existed).

And if you would have said it was becoming one, I would have replied ‘that sounds terrible, and I’ll probably have no interest’

Yet this is not the case. I genuinely enjoyed the last one, and this has me interested.