Jumanji 2 - More Dwayne Johnson

Every time I see her in those movies, and I will rewatch them throughout the day while working, I forget it’s even her.

Saw this with my kids this afternoon and we loved it. Really good follow up and very funny throughout.

Saw this with the family over the weekend and we really liked it. It’s exactly what we wanted - more of the first film, with some twists and turns, and lots of heart and humor. Super fun flick, and I like where they seem to be going with a possible third film.

Saw this today and just loved it. It’s at least as good as the last one, and I love how they set up the next one. So fun.

Jack Black has publicly mused about retiring from acting but it sounds like the regular paycheck from this would be easy money for him.

Didn’t like it as much as the first one. The character switching was pretty annoying for us. The whole thing felt less of a game this time and more of a mini-adventure movie.

Did I misremember or did the first movie have a Jonas brother? If so does he return?

It did and he does. I couldn’t tell you which one though.

It’s Nick.

We liked it, but not as much as the first. It was consistently funny through out, but didn’t have any laugh until your sides hurt moments like the first did. That is probably because all of the surprises have already been done, but it’s not a movie I will think much about going forward, unlike that first remake.

I watched this today. It was very nice. I liked the setup and the new characters. They kept things fresh enough that it was a lot of fun.

Also, we’ve had a lot of discussion in the Indiana Jones thread lately, and it occurred to me this morning just how much more fun these new Jumanji movies are compared to Crystal Skull. Definitely way more worthy of my entertainment time than that movie.

Jumanji makes the characters fun with jokes that land in ways that hit a broad audience and the world is just believable enough that the danger and silliness clicks.

I also bought into the stakes, which in this sequel was the well-being of this guy who is Danny Devito’s grandson. I don’t remember any of these characters, so I was surprised to learn that they are supposedly the same four characters from the first movie. But that didn’t matter, because even if they were new characters, I bought the fact that this kid has gone to college and is feeling isolated. And that his friends are going in to look for him. I thought that was a great frame for this movie.

They’re the same characters, the same kids and the same actors although they mix them up a bit and throw in some new ones.

Yeah they handled the high school to college stuff pretty well which is often a stumbling block for these kinds of movies.

Easy solution – Jack Black is never really acting.

Damn this totally got lost in the to watch later pile, and finally tonight I watched the 3rd movie, er 2nd movie. And I actually liked the sequel more than the first one.

Devito and Glover were wonderful additions.

The Rock as Danny DeVito is so wonderful. Aquafina as Danny DeVito might be even better.