Jumpman, a Jumpman AAR

Due to the high learning curve and complex nature of this game, I thought I would post an AAR to help some of you get started. I admit the game may seem overwhelming at first. But if you stick with it, it really can be quite rewarding. Anyway, here is my AAR. I hope you enjoy it.

When you first come out of the loading screen, you can pretty much go anywhere. The game is truly massive in scope. I believe Epyx estimated it to be the equivalent of several pico hectares. Anyway, the game takes the free roaming go anywhere approach and really carries it to ridiculous heights. This is probably the hardest part for the newcomer. Do you climb that ladder, or try to diffuse that bomb over there. Also note there is no quest log so keep notes.

The robots in this game are rendered in breathtaking 2d. This game is really next-gen. The AI is based on algorithms.

At some point my head became horribly distorted. I don’t know why.


If you can get your acrobatics skill high enough, you can perform some awesome feats. Be careful though as this may make it more difficult to gain levels later.

Sadly, my head has once again become disfigured. I still don’t know why.

All in all, it was a good season. We got more sheep and ummm, some tools and some cows worth of goods.

What is an AAR?

Is there any way to play Jumpman on a modern PC? It was one of my addictions with C64.


Jumpman remains resilient and defiant. Ridicule like falling bombs cannot break his composure.

p.s. unfortunately due to mysterious unexplainable and external factors, I will be unable to continue this AAR.

Bless you Derek.
AAR stands for After Action Report, a literary telling of how a game was played.
See here…
for some updated ports playable on modern hardware.

My name is Jesus, and I approve this message.

This thread is chock full of win.


My fondest memories of Jumpan were sitting down with a friend using a hex editor to change the name of the levels on his copy. To vulgar things. Hey, I was like twelve at the time!

It was a great time until my friend’s mother asked my friend to copy the game for a fellow church lady’s son. We did, forgetting our modifications. The lady called very upset at the terrible words in her son’s game.

Odd that she was upset at that but had no problems with stealing software. Ahhh, the '80s!


I burned the rope.

Jellyfish, this is brilliant.

Did you manage to kill all the German robots in 1943?

What about Jumpman Jr.

that would be another AAR, duh

dang, i was going to post a galaga aar all about moving left and right and pressing the fire button.

Hee hee, I love it.

I still have my optimal path for Robots 2 memorized. If it weren’t for The Roost, I might actually beat Grand Loop mode some time in my life.

You could also use a C64 emulator… I was fond of VICE but I’ve heard there are better ones out there.

Aaaah, another visit-or. Stay a while… STAY FOREV… wait, wrong game.

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do-da-do-da-do-da do-da-dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Jumpman and Crush! Crumble! & Chomp! were my first C64 games.