Juon revisited

Okay, so this weekend I went to some shitty ‘Collectorcon’ that featured several collectible type items (comic books, sports cards, etc.). The high/low point was that there were some ‘celebrities’ there, most notably some admiral guy from Star Wars and the Soup Nazi and Poppie from Seinfeld.

While there, I picked up a few (bootleg) DVDs: Juon, Battle Royale, Ichi, Ringu 2 (I have the first), and Shaolin Soccer. Last night, I had a romantic evening with the wife and we watched Juon and Battle Royale, which is the point of said thread.

I’ve seen the trailer for Juon before, and the DVD included it as well. However watching the movie, while the story had similar images (the pale woman and child), no scene from the trailer appeared in the movie. In fact, the whole movie ended after six chapters! This did not seem the case of there being a second DVD because after the sixth chapter, the credits rolled.

So, for anyone who knows anything about this, can you shed some light? I’ve never bought bootleg ANYTHING in my life before, and I do know Battle Royale was perfect in playing (and checked out some extras as well). If it helps in figuring this out, my ‘movie’ ended after the realtor’s sister went by the house and saw a woman standing at the window staring back at her (after the man of the house went shambling past her).

Oh, and if it means anything, this ‘version’ was scary as all hell too. Very enjoyable, but it just feels like I missed a lot of something.

I don’t think you got the whole version or it could be a different version, because their was also a Ju On television movie done too.

…and isn’t shaolin soccer freakin’ AWESOME?