Jupiter's Folly, Blight of the Immortals Remixed!

Jupiter’s Folly is Iron Helmet Game’s new real time strategy game that seems to have mixed Blight of the Immortals with cards! It’s in an open beta type thing like all their other games have been.

I’m willing to pay for premium to get some matches going, if we have some people willing to plaaaaay!

Ohh neat! I also see they have a space game called Neptune’s Pride that I just MUST try.

Just played a bit of the single player, I like the card mechanic a lot. We’ll see how it holds up.

I’d love to get into this, as I played NP for months and gave Blight a good go but… Jay seems intent on releasing this fantastic games which, with a bit of balancing/extra content could be truly great.

But instead he creates a new game.

Oh hell yeah, I’m ready to join any QT3 game of Jupiter’s Folly or Blight of the Immortals.

Do yourself a favour and search RPS for Neptune’s Pride. There’s some awesome posts on there.

Great podcast!


Uh, whatever this thing is – a zombie apocalypse in a fantasy world with a CCG and a turn-based strategy game? – it’s on the verge of early access on Steam. What the heck kind of five year old game is still in early access? Given that description, I’m not sure I can wait however many months it’s going to take to get to version 1.0.

Based on this thread, it’s apparently different from the forum game that was started a while back, which was some sort of online browser based webgame doohickey like Neptune’s Pride.