Jupiter's Legacy - Netflix, Mark Millar, old Justice League

I’m intrigued.

Looks kind of b-tier as far as these shows go. I’ll give it a chance though.

So is this the first thing to come out of Netflix’s acquisition of the MillarVerse all those years ago?

Looks like CW levels of teen angst there.

It’s Mark Millar, so while there may be teen angst, I guarantee it doesn’t lead to slow ballads on hilltops and longing looks. It’s gonna lead to people getting killed.

Solid what, 50% of the superhero faces in that long-ass LOOKIT ALL OUR PATHOS trailer were bruised and/or bloody?

I mean, I’ll watch it, but this looks about as subtle as God of War.

The guy who did Kick Ass? Wow!

Oh wait, he also did the Kingsmen series? Hmmm.

Maybe I’m picking the wrong Netflix shows, but every time I see a Netflix show that sounds intriguing they all end up feeling like they’re CW quality. Not awful, if you’ve got nothing to watch, but not great.

Netflix may put out a lot more content than the other streaming services, but a lot of it’s quality is really iffy IMO.

I think they have a higher quantity of output and put out a lot more middle tier stuff partially as a result. They’ve got some of the better foreign shows though, Lupin for instance is high quality.

I agree. The foreign Netflix stuff I’ve seen has been of high quality. I presume there’s probably high quality English stuff as well. But in general the English stuff I’ve seen does make me feel more like I’m watching Network TV shows than it does I’m watching HBO-quality shows.

There’s some good stuff there: The Two Popes, Marriage Story, Buster Scruggs, Stranger Things, Altered Carbon, Love Death & Robots, Dolemite…

The problem is that most of their sci-fi movies are pretty bad or at best mediocre. Bright, Bird-box, Extinction, Cloverfield Paradox, etc. You watch one of those and all of a sudden you feel like their stuff is crappy all the way around.

You guys haven’t suffered until half your Netflix feed is 40-episode long Korean dramas where the protagonists hold hands by episode 8.

I’d happily watch an entirely unsubtle God of War.

That looks neat.

So it’s “The Boys” without the gratuitous dismemberment and decapitation?

The Boys don’t really have that family, retirement angle. That’s kind of what is drawing me in here. Those older superheroes look… tired, jaded… and I am kind of curious about that.

Yep, sorry, my automatic Internet snark reflex triggered. I’m really curious about this; it’ll be interesting to see what it adds to the genre, given that The Boys has added the “what the real world is actually motivated by” element and Watchmen has done some of the generational superhero stuff already, as has Superman and Lois with an extra dose of CW teen angst.

The superhero group The Union is just old. They’re not violent assholes. The comic was about how these old heroes pass the torch to their kids and teach them how to be examples for the rest of humanity. Then stuff happens…

Ha! This.