Jurassic World: Dominion - Sam Neill and Laura Dern are back

Odds I will watch this? 100%

Odds it is good? Approaching 0%

Odds it is even as good as Lost World? 10%, I’m feeling generous today.

Sam Neill needs a new house.


2022 seems optimistic.

That gives me time to catch up on the other Jurassic World movies I’ve missed so far.

He just needs a recreational vehicle, and a big American woman

I’d give that a chefs kiss, but I suspect he has a thing against cooks.

Wait, the old movies and the new ones exist in the same cannon? I only saw JW, but there was a sequel, right? My memory is hazy of it, but I don’t remember them acknowledging the earlier movies, did they?

Still, getting Neill, Goldblum and Dern back might mean I watch this whenever it shows up on HBO Max or whatever.

Goldblum and Attenborough show up for a glorified cameo that essentially posits that, yes, this is the same timeline.

Huh. I rewatched the original on Netflix recently, and it definitely holds up. But I can’t imagine any such endeavor going forward after the events of that movie.

After the last one, they will need to pay me to go see it. Will wait for netflix. :P

Which one? The deceased one or the younger brother?

Huh, I could have sworn they used some archive footage of Richard in one of the Jurassic World movies, maybe they just did a name drop because IMDB says no.

They used archival footage (or audio) of Richard in one of the recent JW’s too according to Wikipedia.

He’s in absolutely everything at the moment, he can’t be short of cash.

Sam Neill needs a new house really big house.

Goldblum also does VO for Frontier’s Jurassic World game, which features Isla Nublar, and Goldblum mentions the events of the first film. Not to mention the “Return to Jurassic Park” DLC.

I wish Mr. Trevorrow had gotten to make his Star Wars Episode 9. It might have been a mess as well, but at least the script was more consistent with the other two sequels, and was probably a better story too.

Check out the pinfeathers on the T-Rex!