Jurassic World Evolution 2 releases in 0 or fewer days!

So excited for this I’m doing my own little countdown. Just have to decide if I’m going PC or PS5.

I played the first game a ton and really enjoyed it. Hopefully there’s plenty of content on release to keep us very busy. Anyone else anxiously waiting for this?

I’ve played the first one. While I liked it there was quite some room for improvement. Not sure if this is going to deliver on that. Holding off for some impressions before diving in.

Damn, that’s a bad-ass looking T. Rex. I have zero clue what the game is about, but I already want a T. Rex like that.

I remember being underwhelmed by what little I played of the first one. It was just a zoo management game, right? With a rigidly scripted concept of escaping dinosaurs? Was there more to it than that? And what’s new this time around?


Better looking dinosaurs Tom! Why do you hate dinosaurs?

Tom is the worst at trying to manage dinosaurs!

More emergent behavior between dinosaurs is the big deal this time around.

The released footage of this emergent behavior does look impressive.


I hope they don’t use the building system out of Planet Zoo and stick with what they used in the previous game. The building tools for Planet Zoo and Planet Coaster are horrible.

I thought the building tools in those games were supposed to be excellent? Wasn’t it so that the management side of those games was lacking but the creativity part was great?

Put feathers on that T-Rex you cowards.

They do give you boundless creativity. But for people who aren’t into CAD it’s difficult to work with. A lot of other games give you design tools that are much easier to use.

Somehow I doubt the licence holders would approve.

After all, the Jurassic World franchise is the perfect embodiment of corporate interests fucking over science, both in-world and out of it.

OMG this is so cool:

That fence wouldn’t keep a wombat in, never mind a dinosaur.

Did someone call? And no, that fence would not stop my inexorable progress towards world domination. Or, at least, my morning coffee, which perforce would have to come first.

I’m looking forward to the dinosaurs eating all my visitors.

More preview footage.


I wonder if I can play this at midnight on Steam? Prolly make us wait until 12:00-3:00 tomorrow. Too bad Steam doesn’t have a countdown clock for this.