Jurassic World Evolution 2 releases in 0 or fewer days!

Yes it does pause in the menus - also there is a time control so you can pause, play, speed up time whilst playing.

Good to know, thanks. Welcome to QT3!

So what’s this all about? From the Steam page:

From the bolded bits, you might think there was some sort of Global Dino Apocalypse Gameplay. But I’m guessing it’s just the same ol’ park management, but you choose new dinos from a list of “overrun locations” or some such thing. Anyone know?


In the short campaign (that’s actually the tutorial) you’re not building a theme park, but a nature reserve for the dinosaurs. The main game is the chaos theory challenges.

Just checking to see if you’ve been able to give this any playtime @jpinard

I fixed it!


Looking at the thread activity, I assume there are dozen(s) of people playing it, right?

Or at least dozens of people waiting for someone else to play it!


Watching a few streams of this today on the twitch, because that’s how we find out about video games today right? The game feels as sterile and bland as the first one.

I started playing the tutorial campaign, but decided I wanted to finish more of darkest dungeon before I sink a yin of time into becoming a people-eating dinosaur apologist.

LOL at the new title @tomchick

A trading update issued to investors gives more context around the game’s performance and the company’s expectations, revealing that while sales are “lower than expected on PC,” console sales are “largely as expected.”

Frontier attributes this to a “more crowded release window than expected.”

In his comment at the end of the update, Frontier founder and CEO David Braben said the game has sold around 500,000 copies across all platforms.


This seems something of an overreaction, but I’m no stockmarket analyst.

Yeah, that seems bananas, given how much of Frontier’s revenue is long tail stuff, but then again there’s not an awful lot of visibility on their pipeline after JWE2 other than that F1 game, which is hardly a guaranteed success, and Elite seems to be tapering off given how badly Odyssey whiffed.

What’s this?

Not a lot of detail yet.

I think JWE2 will have a resurgence of sales once the new movie is out next year. You gotta get people hyped up for dinosaurs.

Frontier financials out today

Share price down by a quarter again, presumably because they posted an operating loss. Also:

So how is this and is it something to get on the Xbox series X or PC (think both have sales going)? The lack of posts here don’t fill be with enthusiasm.

Though I put a lot of hours in, I was disappointed in the game. It just doesn’t give you the amazing feel of Jurassic Park since everything is scaled so small. Some of the scenarios are annoying and tedious as well. It’s just not a “fun” game, something I tend to feel in every Frontier release nowadays.

That’s every Frontier game box quote!