Jurassic World Evolution by Frontier Developments


Still having fun with this one. It’s a solid park management sim despite some quirks, and my son loves driving around in the Jeep and flying the helicopter.


You can sell the dino’s but you will need to tranq them first and then send the transport helicopter to pick them up. At this point you can hit R to sell the dino and they just get flown away.
I admit not having a game speed selection really makes the game drag a bit, also it needs to automate the feeders.


Was the in the tutorial? How the heck did you figure that out? Knowing this might get me to replay it, after a little break. I rage quit last night, but knowing this, I can try it in a bit and maybe enjoy it more (unless it has another quirk that drives me nuts.


No concrete numbers from Frontier, which is a little unusual, but they seem to be fairly bullish on sales anyway.


Enjoying this as is the kid.

Spent about the same amount of time the first play, 3 hours or so, as I did with Surviving Mars and Cities:Skyline but this is the only one I want to play again. Just want to unlock all those other dinos!


1 million copies sold.

More content drops planned!


This exchange from another thread earlier this year.

And now this.

Very nice. City builders are popular.

Er… In this case Park Builder I guess.


But is it good? This thread is awfully silent for such a high profile release.


Goodish, I enjoyed it a lot for about 20 hours, but opening up some of the content got too grindy to me. I wish it had a little more Tropico design, or better yet a building narrative to open up new challenges. Ranks below Evil Genius worthy for me.


Seems like a game I rather pick up in a sale.


Oh yes, I was always going to buy this game, but not at AUD$80 thanks.


1.4 Update!

Is it just me, or does this give off the feeling of doing the bare minimum?


I wonder how this will be:


Yea, that is a “patch” by any other game.



Frontier financials out

No hard new sales numbers but:


And it seems like they settled with Atari over the Rollercoaster Tycoon royalties


1.5 update news!




I hope this goes on a major discount sale sometime.


It was 30% off at Halloween. It will probably be at least that in the winter sale.