Jurassic World Evolution by Frontier Developments



Frontier financials out

No hard new sales numbers but:


And it seems like they settled with Atari over the Rollercoaster Tycoon royalties


1.5 update news!




I hope this goes on a major discount sale sometime.


It was 30% off at Halloween. It will probably be at least that in the winter sale.


It’s currently 60% off ($21.99) on the Steam Autumn Sale. I bought it yesterday and finding it kind of fun and relaxing. Not much gameplay there IMO but I like dinosaurs!


I’ve been on the fence and am tempted to bite (pun intended) at that price.


Kind of annoyed I bought it at 30% off now. Haven’t even installed it.


Actually I just uninstalled it. If this were an earlier era I would have flung the CD case across the room. This is a sim-type game WITH NO FUCKING PAUSE BUTTON.

In 2018.

What the F’ing F?

I’ve never returned something to Steam but I’m tempted to do so.

Oh and spare me the alternate POV/design philosophy on lack of pause. For this type of game, for me, pause is non-negotiable, full stop. Maybe it’s a GREAT philosophy but for me, it’s NO SALE.

Edit: put in a request for a refund to my Steam Wallet. There’s plenty of other stuff for me to spend this money on.

Le sigh. I was kinda enjoying the mellow dino milieu, but honestly, DONT MAKE ME COME OVER THERE AND INSTALL A PAUSE BUTTON (or a save anywhere button or a NO GODDAMN JUMPING PUZZLES button).

I hope that I have provided your necessary cranky old dude ranting on Thanksgiving time for today. Next!


Honestly, for me, it isn’t even a type of game thing. All games require a pause option. No pause, no sale, 100% guaranteed.

I got two little kids. When I need to pause the game because a kid is screaming bloody murder, that means I need to stop rightthefucknow.


I googled, and apparently the ESC button brings up the menu, which pauses the game.


That’s not the kind of pause I care about; it does address CraigM’s more general need for a pause button, but that type of “pause” does not address my issue, of wanting to pause while reviewing info and making building decisions in a sim/build type game.

Also, I did some googling and apparently this decision not to allow pause and give orders was intentional: the Devs wanted “excitement and panic” when Dinos break loose and so on. Which is fine, if it was optional. Add an “Irontime-No-Pause” mode, just like some games have Ironman modes. Unfortunately these devs did not give the players that choice.


No pause equals cheap, lazy, design - often the sign of a lack of depth.


Thanks for the heads up on this. Yeah thats a deal breaker for me as well.


1 hour later…

This amused me no end.


“Smart pause” was a minor feature I suggested for the Jagged Alliance 2 1.13 mod.

Let’s say you enter a new sector. All your guys are just standing around doing nothing. You have not been spotted yet, so turn-based combat has not been triggered. So, for the time being, everything is real time.

It would be nice to pause the game, assign movement orders, then un-pause the game and have them take effect. For instance, have 4 guys move to the top of the map, and 4 guys move to the bottom of the map, and have them all start walking at the same time. Currently you can’t pause and issue orders, so everything depends on how quickly you can scroll the map and switch between characters.

I was made fun of for making this suggestion. :(


And me. Thanks for the warning. I had no idea.


We’ve tried this to live by this when I game with my sister… any of the games we have without pause like 7 Days to Die, Don’t Starve Together… yeah my nephew wakes up, and we die. Pause should always be an option. Anyone who doesn’t want to use a pause or thinks servers shouldn’t have pause… well go find a server with that option turned off!

Thanks for the heads up.


One thing I should clarify - this does have a form of pause (hitting escape) to handle emergency situations like kids and pets.

What it doesn’t have is a pause feature that’s lets you give orders, build, or get info from the main view while paused

The issue is not total lack of all pause but the lack of the build while paused feature which I consider essential to this type of game