Jurassic World Evolution by Frontier Developments


Where are all the feathers? Somewhere over 50% of the Jurassic creatures are theorized to have had feathers or at least small clumps of them.


The game is always going to match its source material. The film series started way before the feathers were widely accepted by science, and I doubt they’re planning to add them in to the new film for the sake of scientific accuracy. :)

Personally I’d love to see an option for feathers, but given the amount of extra work that would entail I’m not holding out much hope.


The licensed Jurassic World mobile game has feathered dinos:


I know I should run, but instead I want to stand and laugh.


Damn you people and your desire for feathers!


Looking good!


Jurassic World addressed this in a way:

Henry Wu: You are acting like we are engaged in some kind of mad science. But we are doing what we have done from the beginning. Nothing in Jurassic World is natural. We have always filled gaps in the genome with the DNA of other animals. And, if their genetic code was pure, many of them would look quite different. But you didn’t ask for reality. You asked for more teeth.


Some original cast voice talent! :D


This is coming out in June. Also check out the first lets play video by some devs:

Honestly, it looks amazing. It’s such a gorgeous game. I like that the management of the park isn’t like a reskin of Planet Coaster (at least from first glance). I like that to relocate a dinosaur you assign helicopters to tranq and transport them, and you can take direct control of the helicopter and fire the tranq gun yourself! Such a cool effect.

They talk about storms taking out power and fences, allowing your predators to go hunting for tastier meats. Hopefully they do that part well. Speaking of predators, the live bait platform is hilarious, those poor unsuspecting goats!

The one downside is that the guests look to be just aimlessly wondering around and not looking at the dinosaurs, except the ones entering the glassed viewing building for the herbivores. Hopefully they’ll also be able to watch them from the sidewalk too.

I really hope their next game is a zoo tycoon type.


That’s so far up my street, it’s puling into my driveway. Still, I had to wince when the guy casually shoots a second tranq dart at that dinosaur. No care or attention to dose rate! The closer something is to home, the harder to overlook inaccuracies.


You should email David Braben and ask him to add that option into the game, cause I’d be all behind that gameplay as well!


Looking really good, a part of me is sad though its not the original park theme, much nostalgia for the vehicle tour.



They haven’t really expanded on what kind of facilities will be available for guests. Screenshots show the JW hamster balls, but yeah I’d be disappointed if you couldn’t set up 4WD-on-rails tours! To be honest though, I’m far more interested in the animal management and research side of this, looks like great fun! In my first game I’ll probably go bankrupt because I’ve neglected to think about visitors (can’t I hire a Park Manager to deal with that stuff? I want to create dinos!).

Jeff, I have a whole heap of suggestions that I’m sure it would be too late to incorporate into the game, but that kind of depth I find fascinating so yeah, let me know if you have David’s email. ;)


This looks absolutely wonderful. I guess I won’t have to spend ridiculous money on a used copy of Operation Genesis after all…



Steam page:

2 weeks to go!


Frontier has done an astounding job at making sure there are absolutely no pre-order discounts available for the PC version. I also heard there will be no early release to streamers. It’s a tight ship this time around, compared to Planet Coaster.


Any idea why? I’m concerned there won’t be enough content/depth.


While I had no problem paying $70 for Wing Commander 30-odd years ago, those days are long gone. $55-60 is a bit rich for a new PC game these days, and I, for one, will be waiting for a sale.


Same. The game looks beautiful, but for me the real question is whether the gameplay systems are detailed and dynamic enough to hold interest for more than a dozen hours. The fact that there is no sandbox mode and only a campaign is suspicious (correct me if I am wrong about that).