Jurassic World Evolution by Frontier Developments


They actually herd? I read they don’t really act naturally together, but that’s cool if that’s not true.


What’s the difference between herding and hanging out together?

The largest group we’ve had is 4 Struthiomimus in the starting enclosure, so maybe we got lucky seeing them hang out?


Not an expert here but if you go back to the original move, the herd "flocks: together. it’s more than just walking in the same general direction… they move almost like a single entity. You’d expect to see similar with a predator attack. And then of course the pack hunters coordinate their attacks. There should also be some sign of dominance… like a leader. They’re also not… monsters. They really should only for territorial or hunger reasons.

Asking for that is a bit much for any game. I was mostly just thinking if there’s a herd they would move together with some leader, probably the oldest or biggest or something. A little dinosaur fun and a good park sim is really what I wanted, watching 3 longnecks move around in Land Before Time style with a little one between them would just be a bonus.


A herd implies some degree of social behaviour between its members. If 10 animals are milling around in the same spot but all behave independently (as if the other animals were not there), then this is just an aggregation. Herds interact with one another, and generally move together (although the actual composition can be fluid). During periods of high stress or flight, they basically all move together, but outside of this you see varying degrees of independence from it.

So in this game, you’d have to see some evidence that they were interacting or at least deliberately moving as a group to call it herding. I can’t imagine it’s that difficult to program an AI which does this, but I’m not sure how much of a simulation of dinosaur behaviour the game is trying to be.


Braben cited support difficulties as the reason for no mods.

Frontier’s Jurassic World Evolution will not have mod support, as Frontier has previously explained. Which seems a shame, given the vast catalogue of player-made projects the developer’s Planet Coaster boasts. In conversation with Phil at E3, David Braben compared JWE to both Planet Coaster and Elite Dangerous, and said that while there’s scope for it to follow a similar path, he himself is wary of mod support as “it means that we can’t easily update the game.”

Braben explains that while Elite doesn’t explicitly support mods, it does have third-party tools and third-party plugins which act in a similar way. “With mod support, people almost assume we’re doing it out of some Machiavellian [plan],” says Braben. “What we don’t want, though, is the game going in multiple directions and we can’t touch the code—because then you would trash all the mods.”


Got it, thanks!

Based on that, then no, no herding. Lots of hanging out though.

I’d like to see a time remaining on tasks info too, without needing to drill into 3-4 menus to see. Buildings have an icon when there’s something there for you to do, and the game does notify you when something has been completed, but they’re really easy to miss and dismiss when you’re up to your elbows in dino poop. :P


Ok on the 2nd island, and having a tough time getting a profit going, twice I get it going but then some dino get out and kill people and I go 1 million in the whole. Suggestions?


In the beginning stick to herbivores until you have a couple million banked. And for herbivores i usually stick to the little bird ones that you get right at the beginning and triceratops. i usually avoid the little ones with a spike ball on their tails as they can be mean. I also add them in twos so they arn’t alone. And finally dont be afraid of the Landscape tool, Make sure you add trees and grassland when the dinos comfort level starts dropping. If you need a carnivore for a mission i would use the Ceratasaur (sic) (T-rex lookalike) he’s pretty easy going and will be ok in a pair.


What MwM said. Use herbivores to build the bank, get a few guest money sinks going (gift shop, clothing, fast food) and build the bank. Take easy contracts that give good rewards and/or easy goals.


The Ceratosaurus? I actually made two of them and even tree’d the hell of their enclosure, and they still escaped and ate some guests!!! I didn’t have the ability to lay out grass though…I didn’t see how to unlock that.

Also I kept getting the job to put a cardio mod in a dino, but the research tree says that wont be available till the next island! I was like wha??? canceled the job, and then lose some rep. Either I don’t really understand something about the game, or its poorly designed. Or maybe really bad just at explaining what I need to do, to be successful.

Yea, one of the jobs they gave me early was to build the hotel for 100 grand reward, you only spend just shy of a million to build it, I was like …you guys suck lol


In the Landscape tool has three options trees, water and terrain. Under the tree option its add trees, add grass then remove trees and grass. pick the middle one and just add it everywhere, even in water. Make sure you have a big enough pen also.

Yea the missions are random and dont take into account where you are. I have gotten some to find a specific dino that i havent unlocked, same with upgrades.

If you go to your island management tab, there are three contract things. One is to get contracts the second is to see what you get from the contracts and the third is the main missions for the island for each of the services. Science, security and entertainement.


DOH, completely missed that! thanks!!! Also thanks for the tips!


OK, I think I’m giving up on this one.

I built some dino that didn’t like hes enclosure. I was tight on money, and the enclosure was too crowded for him. I captured him with the ACU building and the rangers rebuilt the walls. That’s all fine. Except in the next 10 minutes of play that dino escaped 3 more times.

OK no problem, lets get rid of the dino, lesson learned. EXCEPT you cant, my only option is a reload. Which is sloppy design. I think it makes sense for me to NOT know what my dinos like before I build them, but no way to say, welp we’ll make some changes to the park and try the species later when we are better suited for each other…is just $&^##!! stupid.


Hey, dinos are endangered (that one was the only one in the world, in fact)! You can’t go killing them willy nilly.


The Fallen Kingdom update is live now!

Hold onto your butts! The Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Dinosaur update is here!

This update introduces three new dig sites, a cast of new dinosaurs which you can bring to your island, new InGen database entries and a number of fixes and improvements to the base game.

Guests will be pouring onto your island to see two brand new herbivores, the feisty Stygimoloch, and the horn-adorned Sinoceratops. Each will have their own comfort requirements, so get those enclosures ready!

And, if you feel like you’re an expert in crisis management, you’ll also see the arrival of three new carnivores, the terrific and terrifying Baryonyx, Carnotaurus and Allosaurus. Don’t put them too close to your guests though. They bite, chew and swallow whole.

Alongside these toothy predators stands the star of the show: the horrifying and one-of-a-kind, Indoraptor! Haven’t yet had the pleasure to come face to face with this monstrosity? Get yourself to a screening of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (to prepare yourself) or… simply introduce one into your park!

This update is out today on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One!

Please find the Release Notes below for all the details:

New Content

Added new dinosaurs with unlocks from Fallen Kingdom film:







Added new dig sites to support new dinosaurs

Smokejack Clay Pit, Surrey, UK

La Colonia Formation, Chubut Province, Argentina

Xingezhuang Formation, Shandong, China

Updated some existing dig sites for the new dinosaurs

Added new character bios and unlocks to the InGen database:

Iris Carroll

Benjamin Lockwood

Franklin Webb

Maisie Lockwood

Zia Rodriguez

Eli Mills

Ken Wheatley

Gunnar Eversoll

Fixes and Improvements

Various stability fixes

Various performance improvements

Localisation updates and text fixes

Controller layout screens added

Animation improvements

Audio additions

4x4 AI improvements

Various hit check and pathing improvements

Dinosaur ragdoll enhancements

Dinosaurs will now fight on steeper slopes

Various UI fixes and improvements

Fixed helicopters falling out of the sky on loading

Fix for Dinosaurs stuck in panicked and terrorising states

Contracts now show the correct progress

General contract fixes

Helicopters now try their best to avoid monorails

Dinosaurs try to avoid fighting underwater

Dinosaur Ingen DB Bio fixes

Prevention of medicating dead dinosaurs

Logo added to the red ranger vehicle


Still having fun with this one. It’s a solid park management sim despite some quirks, and my son loves driving around in the Jeep and flying the helicopter.


You can sell the dino’s but you will need to tranq them first and then send the transport helicopter to pick them up. At this point you can hit R to sell the dino and they just get flown away.
I admit not having a game speed selection really makes the game drag a bit, also it needs to automate the feeders.


Was the in the tutorial? How the heck did you figure that out? Knowing this might get me to replay it, after a little break. I rage quit last night, but knowing this, I can try it in a bit and maybe enjoy it more (unless it has another quirk that drives me nuts.


No concrete numbers from Frontier, which is a little unusual, but they seem to be fairly bullish on sales anyway.


Enjoying this as is the kid.

Spent about the same amount of time the first play, 3 hours or so, as I did with Surviving Mars and Cities:Skyline but this is the only one I want to play again. Just want to unlock all those other dinos!