Jurassic World Evolution by Frontier Developments

They haven’t really expanded on what kind of facilities will be available for guests. Screenshots show the JW hamster balls, but yeah I’d be disappointed if you couldn’t set up 4WD-on-rails tours! To be honest though, I’m far more interested in the animal management and research side of this, looks like great fun! In my first game I’ll probably go bankrupt because I’ve neglected to think about visitors (can’t I hire a Park Manager to deal with that stuff? I want to create dinos!).

Jeff, I have a whole heap of suggestions that I’m sure it would be too late to incorporate into the game, but that kind of depth I find fascinating so yeah, let me know if you have David’s email. ;)

This looks absolutely wonderful. I guess I won’t have to spend ridiculous money on a used copy of Operation Genesis after all…

Steam page:

2 weeks to go!

Frontier has done an astounding job at making sure there are absolutely no pre-order discounts available for the PC version. I also heard there will be no early release to streamers. It’s a tight ship this time around, compared to Planet Coaster.

Any idea why? I’m concerned there won’t be enough content/depth.

While I had no problem paying $70 for Wing Commander 30-odd years ago, those days are long gone. $55-60 is a bit rich for a new PC game these days, and I, for one, will be waiting for a sale.

Same. The game looks beautiful, but for me the real question is whether the gameplay systems are detailed and dynamic enough to hold interest for more than a dozen hours. The fact that there is no sandbox mode and only a campaign is suspicious (correct me if I am wrong about that).

This does not instill confidence.

A few news articles I found, not much hype atm for this.



I’m plenty hyped. And I’m seeing it covered a fair bit in my Youtube subscriptions.

I am an old man, I need the written words.

I am sure they are riding the license to get some umph, but I wish they had just done a generic if that meant mod support. This genre is pretty tough without custom content.

I hope its a huge success for Frontier and they are bathing in money. That way they can afford more resources for Elite Dangerous.

I’m hyped, just not $55 worth of hype. I’ll likely wait for a sale.

The premise of this game excites me, but I have my doubts about their ability to execute. I’ll wait for some impressions before buying in.

The PCGamesN preview really doesn’t say much at all. It seems like you’re going to run out of things to do really quick.

That’s kind of a death sentence for a strategy/tycoon title.

I’ve already pre-ordered. My son’s last day of Kinder is this Friday, and he’s been talking non-stop about building Jurassic Park with me.

This game has my name all over it, which probably means it will be disappointing. Bearing this in mind I am successfully overriding my reptile brain’s compulsion to purchase this at launch, thank you excessive price point for your assistance in this matter.