Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - The raptors ride the motorcycles this time


Twitter tease.


Jeff Goldblum!?!?!


Yup. Along with Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ted Levine, Toby Jones, James Cromwell, and BD Wong


So in a year the dinosaurs will have established a monarchy, but the T-Rex, like many other kings, pushes his subjects too hard. Eventually the feudal system collapses as the peasant class of herbivores rise against their king, and topple his kingdom with the triceratops acting as cataphracts to the heavy infantry of the apatosaurus’.



My god, I must see this movie.


They’re still flogging that tagline? We get it.


Speaking of overused, how about those blurry embers? I think I’ve seen that effect on at least a dozen posters in the past year.


I will watch it and I will complain that I saw a mediocre move and point out its many flaws. :)


The forgot the “, uh,” though.

Linkaroony to the part where he says “uh!”


No one asking if Bryce will go in high heels for the movie’s duration?


is he still making movies?



It makes me a little sad to think that the title of this thread is probably a joke. Anyway, didn’t they do that exact same stampede scene in the first movie?


Well if you liked it once, you should like it again. What are you, an ingrate?


Somewhat. But this time they added bigger dinosaurs and exploding volcanoes, so clearly this is better…


Chris Pratt is the only reason to see these new Jurassic movies. He can at least take a garbage script and make it entertaining.


If you didn’t watch the Sunday Night Football last night on NBC you missed the 10 second promo Chris Pratt showed advertising the release of the trailer on Thursday Night Football. That’s right, the trailer got a promo. What a world we live in!


I watch these movies because Chris Pratt is still awesome and the dinosaurs are still very well done. I think they are missing a huge chunk of what made Jurassic Park really good though, and it wasn’t everyone running from dinosaurs all the time.


I don’t know if I agree. I mean, I dig Chris Pratt too, but I don’t really care for this whole pivot to action hero thing he’s doing. He was such a great goofball on Parks and Rec and now he just seems like another interchangeable set of biceps, like the other Marvel leads.


When I went to see Guardians 1. I remember walking into a theater thinking, why am I here. I guess cause this is a Marvel movie I will overlook how dumb I think a talking raccoon and a tree is going to be, and who the heck are the Guardians any way. Chris Prat had me sold on the guardians in what… five minutes. the story tellers and the actor did that. I never saw Parks and Rec so no real expectation of him either until that movie.

Jurassic World is kind of a stinker. A couple of annoying and obnoxious kids with a story about divorce no one cares about, two business women designed to be unlikable until properly domesticated or just killed and too many repeats from the movies before it. But… they did a good job on the visuals, especially the new species, Wu’s character was nicely expanded and when Chris Pratt was on the screen you got at least anew POV from a character you were meant to like.