Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - The raptors ride the motorcycles this time


Also, I don’t think these creatures are going to be here after us either because their island is exploding. So unless this is a really weird trailer edit (and it probably is) I don’t understand what the fuck his character is saying with respect to whether we should save them or not. Not only does it appear that Goldblum is in the movie for 5 seconds, but the his character appears to have been written for an appearance in Justice League.


My movie prediction is that just when Pratt’s character is overtaken by the volcanic ash, Blue bursts through the cloud carrying him on his back to a tired fanfare.

I will almost certainly not be seeing this movie. If they had at least done something interesting with Jurassic World (like have those annoying kids get eaten, or did something with Wu other than have him stand there with a clipboard), maybe I’d be on board, but I’m betting this will just be a modern take on JP: Lost World (which I have no interest in watching again).


I predict this movie is going to make a lot of money, and I am going to be one of the contributors. I like dinosaurs. I like Wu. I like Pratt, there are a lot of things I like. I don’t go to Jurassic Park based movies, any more, for their stellar storytelling. That’s been pretty sucky since #2.

If I don’t have to see fake tears and silly uninteresting conversations about divorce and a weirdo punish the business women approach, it’s already an improvement from the last one.



It feels like the trailers for this movie keep showing what should be surprise encounters.


Ha, looks like we’ve got an update on the old “sneaking bus” from Final Destination.


So,the plot of this movie is the same as the last. Some new custom created Super T-Rex like dinosaur…yay…


Kind of looks like movie 2 too… where it gets onto the mainland or something.


“Let’s make the biggest baddest dino of them all.”

Let’s ignore what happened the previous 4 times the theme park did that.


There is always a badder dino.


God, this looks dumb as hell. They’re really going to push the Pratt/Blue buddy angle along with the newer even more deadly bad guy test tube dino.


It really does look dumb, I’ll probably see it.


Its all real dark of course, but it looks like a dino/human hybrid to me.

Of course! its a Shleestak!


That’s my attitude as well. Yes it’s going to be dumb, but that’s the expectation now. We go for the special effects, and if something cool happens with the story or there’s interesting character development, that’s icing on the cake.


This time it’s Lava Raptors!


Same here. It looks like crap, but it’s Pratt and dinosaurs so… i’ll see it.


Time is right to do that Jurassic Park/Transformers cross-over movie!


Was Rafe Spall speaking in a goofy American accent?


Honestly, I’m hoping they double down on the whole “kill innocent people who have done nothing wrong” part of Jurassic World. That could be like a signature of the new series.


Just like how it’s the signature of the original series?