Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - The raptors ride the motorcycles this time


The original didn’t seem to revel in it as much.


I don’t know. I remember a T-Rex running down the street grabbing some poor guy who was trying to get into a building… he even died with a gargle.


Part of the issue with the drawn-out death scene for Zara (Katie McGrath’s character) in Jurassic World is that much of her characterization was left on the cutting room floor. She was supposed to be kind of bitchy and crappy to the kids. In fact, the early script has her busy planning her upcoming wedding and perpetually annoyed by being saddled with the two boys. (There’s one scene in the finished film where she’s in the background on her phone, mad about her fiancee’s planned bachelor party.) She may not have “deserved” her death, but it was meant to kind of cathartic for the audience that she got her comeuppance for being a bad guardian. This was actually going to be a bit of a contrast to the Bryce Dallas Howard’s Claire character learning to love her nephews and feeling motherly. Zara is mean to the kids, therefore she dies horribly. Claire becomes a surrogate mom, therefore she lives.

There’s a lot of dropped script shenanigans like that in Jurassic World. For example, the youngest boy was originally going to be on the spectrum. They decided not to go that route, but they didn’t bother to actually change all of his lines. This is why he’s sometimes just a normal young boy in an adventure, and sometimes he sounds like he’s Rain Man. “We need more teeth.”


OK, that makes sense. Don’t have sex or Jason will kil you, and don’t be mean to kids or dinosaurs will eat you.


Yup. It was originally meant to be kind of a mirror to the original Jurassic Park’s character arc for Sam Neill’s Dr. Grant. He starts out not really liking kids, then through the course of the adventure learns to love them and care for them. Recall that the lawyer gets eaten horribly right after being mean to the kids.


Which is not at all what happens in the book though. Jurassic World and others are basically doing their own thing without any real base material which leads them to these weirdo monster dinosaurs instead of drawing from a ton of dinosaurs we haven’t really seen on screen before.


I mean, heck, the second movie pretty much takes a left and leaves the book universe by the third act.

But yeah, the movies seem to be committed to the road of “But this time, the new dinosaur is even meaner and deadlier!”


I am not saying you are wrong, because clearly you are right when it comes to movies and how they chose to present those characters. Hammond is the awful person in the book towards the kids, and no he doesn’t make it… but he’s the grandfather not a stranger.


Raptors in combat exoskeletons! Big raptors I mean. Like the, uh, faux-raptorious rex in Jurassic World.

Eh, fuck it, they should just go full Futursaurus-Rex.


The 2nd movie has more scenes from the first book than the original movie, and no scenes from the 2nd book other than the trailer scene. Spielberg doesn’t believe in adapting books faithfully - they just give him a set of tools to consider using. It’s annoying how bad all these movies are for no real reason.



This looks… less good to me. Another frankendino, an evil business man, deception and dinos loose in the city… all things we’ve seen before. I hope they have more new ones than the franken dino because the others look like repeats, but I’ll probably still see it because, why not.


I said in another thread that Hollywood has managed to make giant robots fighting monsters look fucking boring. Now they’ve managed it with dinosaurs. How the hell do you even do that? Screw you, Hollywood!


They’ve literally pulled shots straight from Aliens in that trailer. Except as krayzkrok mentions, there’s no real scariness.


They should redo Die Hard… except with raptors!



I feel like this latest trailer gave away too much of the plot. I’m starting to agree with the policy of just never watching trailers for anything, ever.


Wow, this movie has been out for 4 days and the last post in this thread is from April?
I just got back from the cinema which was basically empty (I think there were 20 people there?) - guess theres just a general apathy towards this film!

Not going to spoil anything, but I felt it was pretty weak. Feel like they had an ending in mind and engineered backwards and just filled it up with generic chase sequences and very formulaic beats.

Seriously, don’t bother with this. Wait for the next movie and then just watch the trailers for this one as an intro to bring you up to speed. Next one has the potential to bring some new ideas to the table, so lets wait and see.


It has a release date of June 22, 21st for the late showing. What do you mean it’s already out? Oh I guess outside the USA there are different release dates. Well USA side, that’s why it’s quiet.


It released overseas first.