Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - The raptors ride the motorcycles this time


Thank you. I realized that after I posted.

My expectations for this movie are still pretty low. Call it nerdom or silliness or a glutton for punishment, but I still just get a kick at seeing well done dinosaurs on the screen. If they give the actors lines that make me smile or enough of a personality that I still think of them years later, Clever Girl!, that’s a bonus.


That’s pretty charitable.

This was the worst movie I’ve seen this year. I was pretty much ready to just walk out during intermission, but my friend was adamant that the second half was going to be better based on the trailer. Turns out the trailers were a bit misleading…


My bar was low going into this movie today, and I should have set it lower. There was so much rehashing in this movie, like scenes copykatted right from the other movies, complete with the same emotions and almost the same character. None of the characters we’ve seen or see grow in anyway. if there are new dinosaurs, they’re barely there or noticable, except for frankendino. It’s like they decided to stop making dinosaurs for their dinosaur movies. And the villains and grandpa are basically interchangeable with the other ones. The two new younger characters, are just throw away characters. They have pretty much no reason to exist.

That’s not even the worst part though. In order for this plot and some of things that happen to actually work not only do you need to turn off your brain, you need to believe that every human in the movie turned theirs off too. And the one twist, bah, they probably thought hinted at it, but this isn’t a kids movie, they advertised that twist way too early and made it way too obvious too.


Wait. What?


“It’s a sock drawer in there.”


Movie theaters in Switzerland still have an intermission for all movies.


India as well. Which was a shock to me when it cut for intermission right in the Hulk-Thor conversation in his room.


I honestly had no idea. Thank you.

I think that would drive me crazy, but I imagine it is a revenue enhancer w/r/t concessions.



Suggestion for the naming of the thread for Fallen Kingdom’s inevitable sequel - The motorcycles ride the raptors this time.


I think it’s fantastic. It would save me from having to use the RunPee app to time my exits.




I would like an intermission, but that’s because I am not 20. Teen and twenty something me had no issues with long movies and drinks. My parents complaining about it reminded me that they were old… and here we are.


The last intermission I remember was when I went to see Lawrence of Arabia with my dad at the little indie theater in my college town. We walked over to my favorite sandwich place in the world, The Cheese Shop, and bought a baguette and some cheese and sat and talked for a bit before going back in for Round 2.

It was nice. But I don’t like the idea for normal everyday movies. I watch a ton of movies at home, and can stop them whenever I want. My girlfriend has a twenty-minute rule about movies at home. If it doesn’t grab her in that time, she moves on. So movies are constantly being abandoned. I admit that bailing on How to be a Latin Lover is ultimately for the best, but I still feel weird about it.

Which is why going to the theater is a singular experience. You’re locked in. The lights are off. You’ve bought your seat. You have to consider the experience of those around you. You’ve committed.

I think an intermission messes with that.



Well not every movie, but some of these movies, with previews, are pushing past 3 hours.


Indian movies still have a space for an intermission. As such, the stories are generally designed to have an emotional cliffhanger at the point where it says “Intermission”. In the U.S., watching these movies in the theater feels weird. Because it really does feel like a place to take a break. But right after the music swells, the emotional cliff-hanger happens, the word Intermission comes on the screen at the appropriate dramatic moment, and everything fades to black, … the movie keeps going. I wish they’d give us about a 10 to 15 second break to just sit there and absorb what just happened, as the movie makers intended.


That’s a good point actually. That’s why, generally, the theaters that are notorious for twenty+ minutes of previews have me leaving the house at the start time of the movie. Which usually works out perfectly. I can still hit the restroom and buy a beer (in that order) and come in at the end of the last trailer.

[Note: When I’m being anal about being early to a particular movie, and I’m going with Tom, as every new trailer rolls up he’s all, “Dingus! Why are we here so early!”]

The Arclight only shows three previews. That’s their hard and fast rule. So you cannot game the system with them. But, on the plus side, a two-hour-fifteen movie doesn’t become a two-forty-five.



I’d show up right on time if could get through the concession stands in less than 15 minutes, also, as much as I like assigned seats, my friends and family are completely inconsiderate and they show up super late. I thought assigned seating would fix some of the stress with dealing with people who can’t plan… anything, but it just winds up with me standing there waiting for 6 people to show up so I can hand them a ticket.

Anyway, for the longer movies, I think a intermission would be nice, but it’s never going to happen.


They’re also like 3 hours long, so they kinda need that.

Bahubali without a break in the middle? I’m crossing my legs just thinking about it!


I haven’t seen that yet. Is that worth watching?


I liked it. It was absurd in the most Indian way. And it’s got Prabhas playing two versions of Bahubali that might get confusing (part two he plays his father for about half the movie, and it’s not exactly clear this is the case, so it can be hard to tell which timeline you’re watching). But I sat through all six hours of part one and two, and considered it enjoyable.

But it is very much a fifteenth century superhero character he plays, so go in with that frame of mind.


Haven’t seen this yet, but from the trailer it looks like they’re still lizard-skin dinos. If nothing else, they could have introduced feather covered dinos, like the scientific community (and Discovery channel specials) have been insisting existed for over twenty years now, and given the movie a visual punch in the arm to offset the (apparently) stale script.