Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - The raptors ride the motorcycles this time


But then you’ll get an equally vociferous crowd complaining that the dinos are inconsistent with the genetic manipulation that has been on display for the whole series, and that these aren’t supposed to be feathered dinos anyway etc etc etc yawn zzzzzzz…


Well without giving too many spoilers away, it’s not just consistency of dino look, there are actual, literal, repeat dinosaurs… You recognize them as the same by their look.


Saw this over the weekend. Calling it terrible would be charitable. They had the entire island and everything a ruined/abandoned dinosaur theme park could offer, and they used exactly one terrible indoor set and one generic outdoor set for a very redundant (already seen multiple times in the previous movies) run/chase scene, and then no more island. The rest of the movie then takes place either inside a truck or inside a mansion. Even the “twist” was broadcast loud and clear early on.

As someone upthread already said, this movie felt like a very clumsy setup for a “now we have to live with dinosaurs” next movie. I don’t know if Chris Pratt and Bryce Howard are contracted for the next movie or not, but if not, I predict the next movie will be a flash forward 10-15 years and the little clone girl will have been trained by Pratt and Howard at their cabin in the woods to hunt and relocate dinos with the help of Blue and other trained dino assistants (like the ram-head dino).


Yeah they are both coming back for Jurassic World 3. Because paychecks!


I actually really enjoyed this film. It far exceeded my expectations. I thought the acting, directing, and flow of the movie were far beyond The Lost World (follow-up to Spielberg’s 1993 classic). It probably helped that my 4-year old son talked me into seeing it with him on a lark while at a children’s science museum in 3D IMAX. There were a lot of kids and families there, surprisingly. One very PG-13 moment, but otherwise it was relatively tame, yet highly watchable.

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Seeing a movie through the eyes of kids can really give one a new perspective on things for sure. I didn’t enjoy Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom very much when I first saw it by myself when I was 11. But then I saw it again when I was 14, in a room filled with 8-10 year olds and the room was just filled with excitement at each action sequence, which really made me appreciate what a great kids movie that was, and I have always loved it since.

Whenever I see it, I always remember the enthusiasm each of those scenes were greeted with. Spiders! “Ewwwwwwwwww”. Falling down the side of a mountain in an inflatable raft! “Woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”


I love dinosaurs and am a big kid in that respect (and probably others). Up until (and including) the island escape, my incredibly low expectations for this movie were being surpassed. The CG was better than in the first Jurassic World, the director did some interesting things with lighting, I loved seeing a selection of dinosaurs that we hadn’t previously seen - the side characters and their dialogue constantly made me cringe but that’s not new for the series. But Chris Pratt is always good and even Bryce Howard was much improved from the last installment. And it had some Jeff Goldblum.

But it just falls apart so terribly. It’s just awful from then on, in every respect. Jaws 4 bad.

I just don’t understand how these movies are consistently so awful. It says something when the best sequel of the bunch involves Raptors talking to each other so coherently that they are bleating sarcasm at each other and mocking Tea Leoni’s dressing.


I started watching this last night. So far, I agree about the beginning of the movie. Goldblum’s testimony and the other opening scenes are pretty well handled so far.

I shall anticipate it all going to hell once I get to the island escape.

Just curious, which movie was this? I’m afraid I don’t remember any of them anymore. Was this Lost World or Jurassic Park 3?


I must say, by the way, that the original Jurassic Park novel had really good action set-pieces. It couldn’t all make it on film, since it was a long book, but I was happy to see that a couple of the setpieces that didn’t make it into the first movie were included in the sequel. And then in Jurassic Park 3, they included another of the setpieces from the original book that didn’t make it into the first two movies.

The one thing from the original book that I wish they hadn’t exorcised was the whole setup. The reason the scientists were being flown into the Park in the original book was because the dinosaurs were being found outside of Jurassic Park’s island. So the whole setup was more compelling: how are dinosaurs reproducing and how are they getting off the Park?

The reason I was reminded of this now is because in the beginning of this movie (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom) when the volcano is about to blow, there is concern in the World that all the dinosaurs will be wiped from the earth again. Meaning that once again in this movie version of Jurassic Park’s universe, the dinosaurs have not been getting off the island like in the first book’s original premise.


Tea Leoni was in Jurassic Park 3.


Nice! In that case, I agree again with Desslock. I don’t remember Jurassic Park 3 anymore, but I do remember liking it the most out of all the sequels.


Well, they escaped the Island. Good movie.

It’s scary to see there’s still 75 minutes left in the movie. I’ll decide tonight if I still want to watch that.


Jurassic Park 3 teaches us that if you swallow a phone you will hear it ring clearly wherever you go. Also every child in the series has messed up parents.


That’s a Spielberg trope of course.


So those who have already watched Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, can you tell me is it worth to watch?


Watch it up to the point where they escape from the Island. That’s the advice I got upthread, and that’s what I did, and it worked great! Pretty good movie up to that point. There’s still 75 minutes of movie left, which I might or might not go back for someday.


It’s pretty “by the numbers” as far as Jurassic Park movies go. Old guy, check. Science-y person, check. Nerdy computer person, check. Trainer who just cares for the dinos, check and check. Kid who comes in with late movie “save me” moments and plot reveal, check. Evil guy with a bad idea, check.

In my opinion there is less dino vs dino that the original Jurassic World, but even more of an evil, we’re all doomed ending than prior movies.

Some of the dinos were cool.

Rent it when it’s cheap.


Also it has both my favorite dinosaur movie tropes: Wild animals interrupting the flight for their lives from an immediate environmental disaster to snack on humans, and “Oh hey, there’s some dinner! Let me roar at it first to inspire it to run even harder from me”.


Wait, you’re forgetting the best trope!

  • Caged animal on display suddenly has caged door/fence/enclosure bypassed!


Frankenstein Dino has to show up, what, three times before its’a trope in a series?