Just a little scared

I’d written out a longer post, but I’ve been torn about a way to write this where it doesn’t sound like I’m feeling sorry for myself. I don’t really, I’m just a tad concerned.
I had a violent reaction to my antibiotic last night. Normally it woudl be OK and jsut move on to antoher ne, but this wasthe last antbitoic I had that could treat the highly resistant strain of pseudomans in my lungs. I had 3 weeks left to go to clear out all traces of the pneuomina. I’m not sure I’m so much as scared at the moment if not frustrated that I may not be in good health for my nieces, family, cats, frops, friends. I hate not having energy to accomplish things…

On to happier things I finished the Williams Pinball Challenge so I’ve unlocked the Jive Time table! :) And it could be worse - this could have happened when I had really bad penoumonia a month ago, so at least I’ve improved before this. OK one more positive thing before I sign off… Thinkgeek is releasing the most awesome sleeping bag ever in Novemeber: http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/plush/bb2e/

Hope you do fine, jpinard.

As for the sleeping bag, that was originally part of ThinkGeek’s April Fool’s Day jokes. However, the demand for it was so intense that they realized they had to find a way to make it happen.

Looks like they’re going to make it happen. :)

Adree, I know you don’t like these threads, but try to find it in your heart to not be a goddamn dick for once.

You’re my boy Blue, you’re MY BOY!!! Love you JP, get ok dude, you can do eet!!!

Does being a dick make the pain go away, Adree? Does it make the nights daddy touched you somehow seem happier?

Hang in there, jpinard!

I was going to say “you can do eet!!”

Feel better man!

Hang in there jpinard, we’re all pulling for you brother. Feel better soon OK?

Maybe you should get the Taun-Taun sleeping bag and sleep in it. It could be strangely medicinal, like your own version of Michael Jackson’s hyperbolic chamber? ;-)

I love the sleeping bag, the intestine pattern on the inside just makes it awesome!

Hang in there, jpinard, hope you’ll be okay.

Oh, man I didn’t even notice that.

And j, don’t let yourself feel defeated.

I think that’s just Adree’s way of showing he cares.

Get fucking better!

Have you seen an epidemiologist or infectious diseases specialist? I had an infection that stayed in my body for over two years and got into my bone and when they could finally cure it I was put on an iv antibiotic for two months and it cleared the infection completely.

I’m pretty sure that’s Adree’s way of commenting on the fact that jpinard is indestructible.

Here’s the full clip, make your own deduction:

I was thinking this, I believe that’s from the Monty Python sketch where the one guy says “I’m not quite dead yet.”. I could be wrong though, just trying to help.

Pure Qt3, and utter hilarious.

Also, hope you get better soon jpinard.

Silly me, I forgot how we properly express our pity around here. Here you go!

What the fuck is your problem, Adree? You’re turning into a first class prick.

Hang in there jpinard.

That was my thought initially…