Just a little scared

Geez, lighten up guys. Even if jpinard succumbs to the illness I’m sure he’d want us to go on laughing.

I hope you’re around for a long time to come jpinard.

You people have got to be fucking kidding me. It’s from Holy Grail, fercryinoutloud.

Hang in there Adree.

Is the pun intentional or am I reading too much into it?

Why did you quote me, I was agreeing that it is funny, as in the “I’m not dead yet, still fighting” vibe.

LOL, I AM getting it, and I will sleep in it. I wish I had it right now as pnueomina leaves me chilled the bone - and it is freaking cold outside and in this house. I have to say, this is the fuirst time I’m glad I got a Plasma tv vs. an LCD. The mammoth heat it puts out is pretty toasty.

I love Monty Python and that’s my favorite scene in the entire movie. I feel honored to have it applied to me.

“I don’t want to go on the cart!”

Laughter - it’s good for healing.

jpinard, all of this outrage on your behalf isn’t going to work properly if you laugh everything off, sheesh.

Damn, I can somewhat empathise with the horrid crap that is having a multi resistant organism in your lungs. Pseudomonas is a real pain in the ass to treat from what I’ve been told over the years, especially because it does develop resistance so quickly and easily. That said, even though you are concerned, I’m hopeful there is a plan B that the doctors are thinking of to treat you. The specific doctors that deal with these sorts of situations are some of the brightest guys I’ve ever met.

If it means anything, Pseudomonas does produce a pretty green colour on agar…

I found Pseudomonas in my feces once.

Are you saying that cause your poop was green?

No, I wrote a paper about it… wanna read it?

No i want you to do a dramatic reading of it, and put it on your website.

Is that one of the Pokemons?

I am way curious. Can I read it?