Just a quick Gmail FYI

I know alot of us ( me included) wanted to get a Gmail account, but because of the perpetual beta status couldn’t get in. Just to let you know, you can get in now as long as you have a cellphone capable of receiving text messages. Came as a surprise to me until I found out about it after installing the new Google Desktop software.

Anyways, for those interested check out https://www.google.com/accounts/SmsMailSignup1. Just an FYI I didn’t know about that I’d thought I’d share.

Hell if you want to get in just tell me and I’ll send you an invite.

ditto. I’ve got a couple hundred invites laying around the few accounts I have.


Besides you two, it’s still cool to have an ‘In’. The fact remains, Wireless Text=Gmail account. Pretty easy.

It also means Google will now know your cell #. Think of that what you will.

True that.

Evil is as evil as does.

Use your cell to signup, then use one of the 100 invites you get with the account to sign up another one, then use that account to sign up another one, then use that account to cheat on your wife. Problem solved.

I have 98 invites left.


But all I wanted to do is put put a little pro-gmail.


Should anyone run out, I have 200 invites left.
It keeps growing, just like my available space.

I guess I’ve stayed off the bandwagon long enough. Can one of you send me an invite?