Just a trim please... with a side of crotch


If you just mean a general touching of you with what happens to be near the stylist’s crotch, then yeah, I guess that’s happened. I’ve never thought anything of it. They are close to you and so they will touch you with various parts of their body in the process of doing their job. If you are asking if she’s hitting on you, it’s unlikely. However, you could watch to see if she does the same thing with other customers, I guess.


She’s totally hitting on you. You should validate her advances by commenting on how much you enjoy her crotch touching you, and then ask to feel her boobs. Let us know how it goes.


I totally agree with this, this is the best course of action.


Not sure, but I do know that at most places stylists make more money if they are “requested” then if they just randomly get you from a line.


Stop it, Jupiter! You are ruining the romance of the crotch shoulder!


Srsly. I don’t get my hair cut anymore, but I can’t remember my shoulder every being lower than boob height. Maybe if you get the shampoo?

As far as whether she’s flirting, it should be pretty easy to tell. If she just brushes against you periodically while moving around, she’s just working. If she presses against you and stays there, she’s flirting. But even if she’s flirting, it probably just means she’s trying for a bigger tip.


I’m 6’5" and the woman who cuts my hair is about 5’9". That’s an eight-inch difference. When I’m seated she’s a good head taller than I am. I would describe the distance between her crotch and my shoulder as a “vast gulf.”

I wonder…are you seated in some sort of pit during the haircut?


I’ve had similar experiences. It’s more of an elbow thing for me though, me not being a midget.


One time I got my haircut at a barber’s school when I was younger and had less money. The girl wiped the cut hair off my chest and lap with her hand. Her hand brushed my johnson a couple of times. Should I have thrust my crotch on to her shoulder?


I am too tall for this to be a problem

Curse my genes!


I’m over six feet tall, the only time my shoulders come anywhere near a woman’s crotch is during football.


Next time this happens turn your head to look at her towering above you and say “You just rubbed your crotch on my shoulder. I think we both know what that means.” Then see where things go and post again about it.


Joey: Ross, will you tell him? Isn’t that how a tailor measures pants?
Ross: Yes, yes it is. …in PRISON!


For your next haircut, wear shoulder pads. Probelm solved. Twenty-five cents please.


Shoulder pads? You’re totally backwards, next time he should cross his arms so that his hands are on his shoulders.


In my case at least, i’m pretty sure my dental hygienist is.


Mine kept commenting on how clean and well I kept my teeth. I’m sure she tells that to all the boys.


In my expereince in a social setting when a woman presses herself against you that means something. But in a work environment, I doubt it. She is probably just into the artistry of her craft and not paying attention to how she brushes against you to do her job well.

If it is some small comfort I would add that I have noticed that often women will activly avoid any sort of physical contact with people they dislike. At least your not the asshole client they dread having to work with.


I had some blood taken recently, two things of note happened, one of which had me thinking much along the same lines as the OP:

First of all, the woman who took my blood was pregnant. I didn’t realize this until I had accidentally punched her in the baby. I was laying my arm down on a hinged armrest which was attached to the chair she had me sit in. Because I didn’t realize the armrest was hinged my hand nailed her right in the stomach when I put my weight on in. That was awkward.

Second of all, when it came time to do the actual injection she tucked my arm up under her own, so that my wrist and forearm were squeezed up between her side-boob and her armpit etc. That was awkward.


I have trouble imagining being attracted to anyone whose teeth you’ve cleaned. Even people with relatively good dental hygiene are going to build up some disgusting stuff in there…