Just a trim please... with a side of crotch


Why go to an ugly barber? Visit our sexy salon today!

I actually know someone who gets his hair cut here.

I remember when they first opened and were trying to recruit 'barbers'. The ad read: "No experience necessary".


I cut my hair every 2 weeks. 70$ a month for haircuts is way too much (for me)

Very true - I saved loads of money as a student this way.

Also -I got plenty of male and female crotches on my shoulder. Also breasts. I think its because they usually lower the chair after I sit all the way down.
I think they lower the chair so they can rub themselves all over me because I'm irresistible - no?


Maybe your head stinks and they are trying to keep their distance from it.


I use a flowbee, so if I got a side of crotch it'd be because I fell, snapped my back clean in half and my hips landed on my shoulder as my severed body hit the floor.


That would be a cool way to go.


Final Destination: Haircut of DEATH.


I cut my hair every 2 weeks. 70$ a month for haircuts is way too much (for me)

Yeah ... I get mine cut every 4-5 weeks so it's $35 a month. You must have really fast growing hair to need it cut every 2 weeks.

I use a flowbee,



Don’t mess with my self esteem.


What the actual fuck? Did you think this was Penthouse?


Wow! Epic necro. I will say I was surprised to see that it wasn’t Wumpus.



I can’t stop laughing. I need help.


“Sure, that’s how they measure you … IN PRISON!”


I’m kinda sad the bad spambot porn got deleted. That was the best possible necro of all necros.


I read it & then went to lunch and was thinking it actually was pretty well written and with the user name a seemingly play on JMR, I couldn’t help but think of BillD and wondered if he penned it for some obscure reference.

But it was pretty damn raunchy.


If nothing else, it made me realize that reading the word “clit” on Qt3 felt so wrong that I physically recoiled. Reddit? I’d shrug. FB? Check if my buddies were drunk and fucking w/ each other’s phones. But here? NOPE

Maybe cuz 98% of you guys here are 50-year-old beardy wargamers, though.


Hey now, that’s not accurate at all!

* I'm years from 50!

** It's a single digit number of years though.

*** I did just recently decide to try a beard.

**** And I love wargames

***** Oh goddamit


Yeah, the rough language shouldn’t have shocked me but it did here in this community for some reason. Sort of like hearing your Grandpa swear the first time, haha. I actually screen captured the post though, because I suspected it wouldn’t last long, if anyone missed it and was curious. I won’t post it here, but I’ll PM it.


I thought it was kinda hot.


pant pant What did I miss???