Just a trim please... with a side of crotch


Is that a prolapse joke?



Yeah that’s a pretty good impersonation of a prolapse there


And I’m out! Again!

… nah just kidding, I’m still here!



That’s why he makes the big money.


Just FYI you can type \* to get a plain asterisk

* like so
**** it’s pretty easy actually

@stusser always look up the IP, is my advice to you. If the IP is from a third world hell-hole it’s a spammer 100% of the time. Click da button to look it up.


Fuckin’ @stusser what a noob.


I was telling Scott that I think we should have a porn forum on qt3!

Who wants a porn category?!

::raises hand::

If we can have P&R, we should certainly have a pron!


It would end up being, literally, like 10 links to free porn that we all use that DON’T include invasive ads that drop drive-by malware on your system.


It’d be more civilized, anyway.


Gentlemen: wtf?




I stand by everything I wrote in here last week.

Except maybe the Johnny Depp prolapse thing. Jesus. I blame Pogu–err, @divedivedive–for that one. He brings out the worst in me!


I was really proud of my prolapse joke.


Who, what? No, I was never even here! Ask anybody, hey what’s that over there?



Why is this thread happening.