Just because

Keira Knightley:

I want to know what the bottom half of that dress looks like - if there even is one.

I learned that she was born in 1985. That means she was 17 when filming the movie.

Damn, I’m getting old.

Well, Gary,now you know:

Hope it’s not a letdown. :D

That girl has no shoulders.

Yeah, what a hag. I’d definitely kick her out of bed for eating cookies :shock:

She has a beautiful face, don’t get me wrong.

But, to each his own.

I wonder: how many ribs are left on that one?

Look. These pics should obviously be over in “Post Pics of Non-Pr0n Pretties”

I mean, Keira is a game babe, because not only did she appear in the awesome “Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl” but she also did voiceovers for “Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of Bethesda Marketing”, which is a game.

ugh she’s pretty hot, but she dresses like an asshat… :?

I dunno… I wouldn’t mind seeing that top she’s wearing catch on.

What the goddamn fucking hell kind of person looks at that picture and says “That girl’s got no shoulders”?

:!: :?: :!:

“I dunno… I wouldn’t mind seeing that top she’s wearing catch on.”

Those type of tops (not as fancy and slightly lower) were popular about 1999-2001. Unfortunately, not all women who were wearing them looked as good as she does in them.

While a skirt would have been pleasing, you gotta love the low, low-rider jeans.

Thwap! Thwap! Thwap!


silently worships whilst sacrificing a white heifer

Those 2 pictures are good, but I look at…

And suffer from an attack of Flockartis.

Bah. I just turned 30 a couple hours ago. Now you’re making me feel dirty.

Yeah, she has a problem because she stays fit & healthy and isn’t a fat pig, but the guy in the pirate hat behind her? Freaking pillar of health, the body type we should all strive for. You aren’t healthy, unless you aren’t healthy.


Well, I agree that she isn’t fat, but how do you know that she’s fit and healthy? Most fit girls I know don’t look like that.

Most girls you know don’t look like 17 year old hollywood starlets? You must be living your life wrong, take off that pirate hat and put down the camera.