Just bought Gal Civ - what should I read to learn it

I got the manual and am printing that, and I also got the Orion stategy guide.

Are there other sites I should be visiting to learn the game.

I remember for most 4x, Civ type games there are just tons of good resources to learn how to win. So are there good ones for Gal Civ


It’s been awhile since I played, but I remember Gal Civ’s Website having loads of helpful info.

I believe Brad wrote a Survival Guide that’s pretty good.

Did it involve wearing a helmet?


my galciv faq. it’s been quite a while since i last updated it though.

Thanks! Great stuff and a lot of reading to do.

Now I will have something to do until the actual game arrives!


…That helmet thing is going to come back to haunt me… ;)

Check the Encyclopedia page and some of the pinned topics on the forums on GalCiv.com. That should help get things going.

The most useful links are:

This one is a tech tree that lists the costs of every research option, lays it out in a nice format and tell you what it does. I don’t know of a link to it on the galciv site but I keep a copy in my documents folder for when I get the urge to play.



A nice PDF that you can save that gives you a list of all techs, ships, and space modules along with what tech you need to make them and how many production points or shields or whatever Brad calls them it takes to make them.

Don’t overlook this link:

Not only is Brad still smoking crack to still be offering totalgaming for $50 if you own galciv but if you buy it renewals are cheaper too. That gets you the galciv expansion, stardocks older catalog, some crappy indy and strategy first games and puts you first in line for MOM when stardock starts the beta for galciv 2 and master of magic.

You can send my royalties for the viral marketing to my paypal account Brad.

Dang, man. I have GOT to get this game.