Just Cause 4

1 meh
3 meh
4 ???

I hope the pattern continues into the next entry.

Well it worked for the Trek movies - looking forward to the reboot in Just Cause 11.

Also looking forward to Just Cause 7, which bridges the old cast and the next generation cast (Rico’s son or daughter?) into a single game. And Malcolm McDowell boasts that he got to kill Rico.

I loved Just Cause 2 and grabbed JC3 on a sale – it seems like a very competent sequel. I’m just kind of over the ‘blow everything up in an open world’ thing. But there are worse formulas to keep updating.

I was really dissappointed by JC3 - the game was buggy as hell and one of the few games I ragequit a few times. The whole online connection was fucked up. Even the so-called offline mode didn’t work properly and the game forced you to reconnect regulary, which was when it broke down again.

That and the terrible decision to gate the progression with repetetive grindy trials was very frustrating. When I finally crawled over the finish line, I couldn’t uninstall it quickly enough.

JC4 will have to REALLY convince me they’ve learned from their errors, before (or if) I give it a go.

Apparently I enjoyed JC3 more than most around here. Didn’t run into any technical issues, and I particularly loved the upgraded wingsuit from the DLC content.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to JC4.

That’s where I am too. They screwed up JC3 so badly.

Here’s hoping for online co-op multiplayer at launch on consoles.

Yeah JC3 definitely backslid in a bunch of areas, which is strange, because simply executing “a carbon copy of JC2 but … NEXT GEN!” would have been fantastic. Here’s hoping 4 gets it more right.

I wonder which Studio is working on which game. Avalanche has 3 studios now.

Stockholm -> OG 2003 Studio - Did Just Cause 1 and 2, Mad Max, Renegade Ops, theHunter games.
New York -> Formed 2011, did Just Cause 3 as their first game.
Malmo -> Opened in 2018.

I hope they’re switching things around. Maybe New York is working on Rage 2, and Stockholm is working on Just Cause 4? I hope so.

I missed the mile high club from JC2. I hope they have more coop locations like that because while to me, the gameplay from JC3 was better than JC2, the environment was more bland.

If there are no sharks in that tornado I will be disappointed.

I had fun with JC3, but unlike JC2, I didn’t finish it. The trails were a gameplay decision I found hugely disappointing. I hope they got enough negative feedback on that to do something different in JC4.


Sadly… JC3 was very disappointing for me, compared to JC2.

I will one day play JC4, but that will be a day when its heavily on sale.

I’m in agreement with most everyone else here. JC2 was outstanding fun. JC3 took a hit in that direction and I’m willing to forgive it if JC4 makes up for that.

Note to self: try out JC2. Hey this thing will send me texts and stuff right?

I will almost certainly pick this up. Have fond memories of enjoying JC3 around Xmas 2015. Yes it’s simplistic and shalllow - but who doesn’t love blowing things up?

Loved the open world go where I want do what I want of JC2. Hated the progression system in JC3 and quit it.

I hope they got enough feedback to abandon that approach in JC4.

I recall reading that progression is going to now be mission based, so you would come across a certain mission and the tools/skills you get would be given before or after completing it if its a reward.