Just Cause 4


GMG has it at 40% off with their VIP voucher, if anyone is tempted.


Right. So played through a second time, and 100% everything this go-around. Ended up liking the game a lot more than I did originally. For those on the fence, here’s how the game works:

Main story-Starts of with one branch to introduce everything, splits into three branches which you can do in any order, comes back together at the end. Similar to JC2.

Side stories-The first section of main missions also introduces three side characters. One trains the army. One needs help with his archeological work. One is filming a movie. They all have their side missions. The army ones are training missions for newbs. The archeological guy needs help solving physics puzzles with big stones (think Raiders of the Lost Ark) and having to get them on pads. He also has 12 hidden statues around the island he needs found, but they’re not a part of a ‘mission’. The movie person has essentially checkpoint races for you. The points you earn from those missions unlock upgrades to the grapple based on who gave you the mission (there are three functions that the grapples uses, all introduced by these guys), but you don’t need any of them to complete the game (in fact, while two of them were nice, I never used the third function other than when it was introduced).

You don’t 100% towns/cities/etc by blowing things up. You now have a given number of side activities to perform. You can shoot down surveillance airships (ie, blimps). You have speed stunts where you have to drive/pilot/etc a vehicle at/above a given speed through a ring. You have vehicle ‘stunts’ where you have to drive a specific vehicle (usually found nearby) through a ring. And you have wingsuit ‘challenges’ which are all the same in the sense that you have X number of seconds to get through 3 rings. It’s always 3 rings. No more, no less. There are never 4 rings, nor are there 2, except for when you proceed to 3. 5 rings is right out. Anyway, those challenges give you lesser amounts of points for two sets of upgrades above.

As for making main/side missions available, that’s where the maps/regions come in. You start off with a given number of ‘troops’, and you need a certain number of them to take over a region that neighbors one you already own (sometimes, a given front won’t be available for advance, so you need to take over a neighboring region). You earn more troops through chaos - destroying all the things just like the first game (base stuff, soldiers, vehicles, etc). You also get troops back if you advance with more troops than you need for a region. Also, most of the regions have a mission you need to complete first before you are allowed to advance (probably about 90/10 percent as to whether a mission is required or not).

That’s it. Hopefully that helps those of you on the fence at least understand the gameplay for the game. For me, I ended up liking it more than 3, but less than 2 - but if 100% towns were a mix of the side activities and chaos - I think it may have been great. Alas.


New patch out, only took 5 weeks.


I didn’t see in the patch notes that it added any meaningful character progression. Maybe in DLC?





60% off at greenmangaming… is that worth it given the mixed reviews on this one? I am a JC fan, so tempted at this price…


Ok. I decided at 24 EUR its a no brainer.


It’s worth it! Won’t set the world on fire but is fun enough to tool around in for a while.


I love the series anyway - so was a matter of time. Even a crap JC game is pretty fun :) Besides, these days I have less time for gaming and more stress at work so something super simple where I can come home from work and drool mindlessly while blowing up stuff is welcome from time to time :)


Aaaaaand I pulled the trigger. :)

I’ve been doing too many road trips lately and I need stuff to play.


Franchise ded?

“Our 3Q plan was premised on the HD Games sub-segment offsetting sluggishness in the Games for Smart Devices/PC Browsers sub-segment, but results were disappointing as we sold fewer copies of the HD game “JUST CAUSE 4” on launch than we had expected. Both net sales and operating income declined YoY at the Digital Entertainment segment. 3Q at the HD Games sub-segment was marked by growth in the holiday season of digital sales, especially of “SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER,” and by the launch of “DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2.” Meanwhile, while we released “JUST CAUSE 4,” we sold fewer units on launch than we had anticipated and were therefore unable to offset charges such as the amortization of development costs.”


New developer update news dropped today also.


Looks like they are mostly working on graphics issues now.

Zero news on the Season Pass content.


Not surprised they aren’t doing well with the JC series these days. IMO they lost a lot of us who were JC2 fans and thought “just don’t screw it up” with 3 and 4. I tried 3, got frustrated by numerous gameplay issues, and deleted it. After that, with all of the other open world games (Horizon, RDR2, Far Cry series, etc.) I feel no compulsion to go try out JC4.

This from someone who spent a LOT of hours in JC2, much of it pure exploration and non-main-mission stories mayhem.


What I’ve noticed and anyone correct me if I am wrong.

Going from JC2>JC3>JC4 there seem to actually be less things to blow up in each game.

Developers should have had one primary question with every game in the series: What can I not blow up, and why can’t I?


I was genuinely hyped for JC4 after loving JC2 but hearing about how horribly JC3 ran on Xbox. It wasn’t until Steam Reviews and Xbox Store reviews poured in that I had second thoughts about jumping in at full price.

I’m still in dire need of an open world arcadey destruction game, and I don’t want to play Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Marstered because I’m not up for a remaster of a game I completed too recently to forget everything about it going in.


I’m not a big Fan Cry fan but would that fit the bill? Or the new Crackdown maybe?


I miss the Mercenaries games. Give me a new Mercenaries game with the destructability of Red Faction, and I’m in.


I will second Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction if you have a PS2 or Xbox handy.

Brigador and EDF 4.1 are both great too, and the latter is currently $12 in the March Humble Monthly.


It’s also backward compatible on the Xbox One. Looks quite nice up-rezzed to 4K.


To be clear, EDF isn’t open world, it’s discrete levels, though they can be pretty large. It’s almost entirely destructible, however.