Just Cause 4


Star Trek: The Motion Picture and The Search for Spock were both decent flicks.


I have open world fatigue.


It shouldn’t be that bad, the developers said the map would be similar size to JC3. But with twice the landmass, and far less water. :P



Somehow when I saw the thread bumped I knew there’d be a video from lordkosc :-)


I am just gonna play the game via watching videos!


It’s coming out in December? That seems like a bad time to release a video game.


It is, and some sites are already doing their 2018 best of games, it seems December releases do not matter.


Ok so my restraint to not buy it until a heavy sale , is waning.


Whatever restraint I had is long gone. It looks fun and absurd - and based on prior entries is not going to take itself seriously. A perfect festive season combo.


It didn’t take me very long to forget about my disappointment with JC3 and look forward to JC4. Trying to decide between PC or PS4.


It does look amazing. I’m still waiting on word on if they’ve got challenges that you have to do, and if so, if retrying a challenge that you fail in 10 seconds takes over a minute to reload so you can try it again.

Ugh, just typing that out felt exhausting. Stupid Just Cause 3.


Pretty cool!


That’s some cool toys!

I’ll wait on news on whether you have to first do challenges to unlock those tools that take several minutes to load on each retry.


I’m 90% certain you’ll gradually unlock special tools/weapons by completing quests, not challenges.


There is strangely little information on that given it was one of 3’s most … divisive… features. :)

But IGN does say this:

Just Cause 2 worked around a metric of ‘Chaos’, which was a neat way of incentivising blowing almost everything up. Just Cause 4 brings that idea back, but now ties it more firmly to progression and unlocks, while increasing the number and variety of explosive objects to rupture, making almost any moment not spent trying to make something coloured red explode feel like a waste.


The wind gun is such an inspired idea that it’s convinced me to pick up the game at launch. I have a hankering for a big, silly open-world sandbox at the moment.



Can’t wait! Looks like it won’t be plagued by the launch issues JC3 had - on PC at least. Not much word on console version yet.

I read something about console preload starting though, hopefully PC follows suit soon.


PC preload on the 30th. Saw some icons that look familiar… ;)

Here are some IGN vids on how the main progression works:
The Front Line


Causing Chaos

Supply Drops