Just Cause 4


I really like the blue/white sparks that come off stuff now. Adds some extra oomph to explosions.


Love the videos. I’m in for this round for sure. JC for me has always been a silly but fun romp of destruction. Like Crackdown in a sense. The “hero” in JC has similarly over-the-top abilities for mayhem and fun. All of these videos appear to be right on that course.

Who needs a story. I’m ready to go blow shit up.


I didn’t see one wingsuit challenge in those videos. I can’t believe they got rid of that part of the game, as it was universally loved…


JC3 was the only entry in the series I played. Repetitive, but I loved it, possibly it seems, because I don’t have a frame of reference w/ the initial 2 games in the series.

I had no idea JC4 was due out next week, so this is a pleasant surprise.


OMG mono , go play Just Cause 2 right now, it was so much better. SO MUCH BETTER.


I dunno man…

/checks cdkeys.com. $3.89 USD!! SOLD!
/buys JC2
/Obtains Code.
/Connects remotely to home PC and enters code…

Steam: Game Already Owned


So yeah. I’ll go back and play it, but… anyone want a free JC2 Steam key? :)


Most of us in this thread probably own it. The giveaway thread always works when I have a double-up that needs to be given away.

There are some differences in the gameplay if you go back to JC2. No wingsuit for one. Open map is another. Pick or go anywhere and just advance things via “chaos” by taking over what you want, with small check-offs for whatever area you are in until the point you complete it. It makes the game MUCH more open in playability because of that. There are missions and whatnot as well, but you can skip a ton of it to just do as you please.


Is Just Cause 3 not an open world game? I bought it for cheap but haven’t played it yet.


It’s open world, but the various upgrades to your abilities are unlocked by completing challenges that have nothing to do with blowing things up. Many (including myself) found the challenges extremely frustrating and a slog you had to force yourself through to unlock the fun abilities.


What @espressojim said. Imagine you loving JC2 and progression through doing … well, whatever you wanted to do, in the spirit of “Chaos.” And collecting tidbits along the way.

Now along comes JC3:
Prettier for sure. Less graphical and seasonal diversity though.
A cool new wingsuit mechanic. But less helpful parachute and slightly more finicky and harder to use grapple hook, simply because they made it more powerful but variable based on the situation.
More distinct vehicles to use. Some are harder to control than in JC2.
Leveling up is more varied. But it’s based on Gears which are gained as mentioned sometimes with things you really don’t enjoy doing. Have a hard time in wingsuit races? Tough, you’ll be doing them if you want those particular mods. And it’s all based that way. Want more explosive upgrades? You’ll be doing a lot of things related to them.

They both have their strong points as a game. JC3 is indeed prettier and better in many ways. The problem you’ll find is that you just end up having an insane amount of fun and destruction in JC2, which seems to be more subdued in JC3. I wish there were a simple explanation why.


JC2 also had more interesting things to destroy imho. :)


Heh don’t worry… what do you think this map icon represents? ;)


JC2 had miniguns as the entrances of most enemy bases that made taking down all the items there quite enjoyable. Even when they came with the helicopters - no problem.

I loved JC2. JC3 - eh.


Ghost hugs.


Found some time at lunch to watch some of these recent videos. I have a stiffy from all the fun looking explosions going on. It sure feels like it’s ready.


I hope this region takeover mechanic is what I wanted Odyssey’s to be. I.e. relevant somehow.


Ok this was good!




Chime in as another person who loved JC2, and in particular the open world freedom it provided. There were some mission I really didn’t like that were required in some “quest lines” for factions, like trailing someone or catching someone in busy traffic where I’d crash and they’d get away (over and over and over) but then I’d cleanse my palate by exploring some part of the map I’d not opened up yet. I never flew airplanes, but I became a chopper ace.

I picked up JC3, excited, then very quickly found it to be a drag for the reasons already articulated. Quit pretty quickly as I just wasn’t enjoying myself and instead had more of a feeling of “sigh, got to go do that challenge I hate a gazillion times to try to win it.” over and over.


“Sigh. I have to go look at the loading screens between retries of the challenges as it completely reloads the open world from scratch each time”.