Just Cause 4


Any reviews out yet? Isn’t the game getting released tomorrow? Guess they have an embargo…



So what does that mean? Progression locked behind slowly-reloading discrete challenges again?

Oh wait, there are some reviews out now:


Give me Just Cause 2 with the wingsuit and the tethers from 3 and I’d be set for life. ;) If JC4 is close to that (with acceptable performance this time), I’m all in.


Apparently there are more timed missions than in previous games. :/

Also is it just me or does water look worse in this?


I loved Just Cause 2 but JC3 had enough problems when I tried to play it, at launch, that I’ll probably wait until this goes on sale and/or I’ve worked through my backlog some. JC3 was missing some of the magic that JC2 had and it took WAY too long to reload missions after failing them. I wonder if that is fixed here…


Reloading / overall performance seems to have been resolved from what I’ve read.


Yup. Compared to JC3, if they fixed the performance issues, the lack of different biomes, and the way you unlocked things, then I must play JC4.


The new forms of mayhem mentioned and shown in that review means this is now a must-buy for me. But, who am I fooling, it was a must-buy anyway by just the name.

I love how he mentions that instead of presenting most of the forms of mayhem from the start, they keep turning the dial up with new things you get later on that allow even more mayhem.


I’d rather have everything available from the start…just open world mayhem…screw the missions.


This worries me a little. I’m pretty much allergic to timed missions.


I imagine devs sitting around a whiteboard at the start of development, with a bunch of great ideas under the “Cool stuff to include” heading. Then the guy with the marker underlines another category: “Stuff that pisses people off”. Hands go up. “Timed missions!” says one, he writes it down. “Escort missions!” says another, he writes that down. “Timed escort missions!” says another, they all laugh and he writes that down too. “No checkpoint saves before a boss fight” says another. He pauses here, writes it down, puts a “?” after it because that might be going too far.


Why does the game look so ugly? The greenish color palette is ugly as sin, water rendering seems from 2002…it feels like JC2 looked better than this.


Presumably to address the performance issues from 3.


The textures are quite low res, ugly low detail characters, landscape LOD transitions are too close, some odd lighting with bright outlines around characters, the temporal AA is busted (ugly speckly hair, some kind of interpolation artefact on scenery), and checkpoint saves cause stuttering.

But it runs pretty well otherwise!


Yeah, more timed missions translates to no purchase for me.

JC2 was perfect in so many ways. At least for me. All they could do is screw it up. And it appears they have.


Why the hell do developers do this?

Easy pass from me. Although my son my overrule me.


I hate things like timed missions as well. Maybe it was a rush to judgement, but I bailed on XCOM2 once I saw the timed missions. I just hate that kind of constraint.


I’ll try to report back on the timed missions tonight, assuming it arrives in time for me to give it a whirl. JC4 may be one of those games that’s rigid and frustrating in the early levels and opens up and relaxes at some point later, so we’ll see.


Played for 15 minutes just to check it out -
… Makes a shaky first impression. The graphics and lighting are a bit blah even at max. The cutscenes are plentiful, long and mostly boring - and the cutscenes are all prerendered video. But it’s prerendered video of ingame assets with really terrible compression - so they all look grubby and crappy.
I’m assuming this was done to cut loading times for consoles so they didn’t have to load a bunch of cine quality hero assets from disk when switching to cutscenes, but on PC at least it’s pretty ugly and disappointing. The game looks better when it ISN’T in cutscenes.
Also after a brief intro, they promptly take away your stuff and make you run toward a waypoint so you can watch more badly compressed cutscenes. Hmm.