Just Cause 4


I guess this thread serves as a nice reminder that it’s time to try JC3 which I bought…in a bundle? During a sale? At any rate, it’s there in my library, collecting dust.

Maybe when JC5 comes out, it will similarly remind me to play JC4, which will have been acquired…during a sale? In a bundle…?


Yeah I picked up JC2 and 3, I need to get to work on both of them - maybe when I’m done JC4 will be nice and cheap.


WoTC adds the ability to double all timers, making them a non-issue. There are also mods that do the same. You should go back, it’s a great game.


RPS has few kind words.

Just Causes have been buggy, sure. But they’ve never felt at least six months from finished. I cannot fathom how this wasn’t lengthily delayed, because it’s in such a dismal state. Although that said, even if the bugs and AI were fixed, it would still leave behind a version of Just Cause that barely changes anything you actually do since the third edition, yet has made every aspect of doing it so astronomically more annoying.


Oooh, it secured a “Recommended” rating from Eurogamer too.

Edit: Oh wait, reading that quote, you were being sarcastic about RPS.


He said few, not a few :)

That is an eye-opening take from RPS. Sale buy for sure given that, I think.


Oh, and in a rare deliberately included bad decision, they’ve removed C4. There are no grenades, no throwable bombs, nothing.

What. The. Fuck.


Yep, but the tiny rocket boosters now explode. :|

Also sad fact, Rico has a new voice actor, he sounds a bit off. :(


I Iove launch day Steam user reviews. For JC4 it’s so many red thumbs.

Giving this a hard pass, but I am in the mood to replay JC2 now.


I’m not sure what you’re quoting, but it’s wrong. Secondary weapons like grenades are instead built into the weapons. The assault rifle has a grenade launcher and the grenade launcher is a grenade launcher. And I’m guessing the equivalent of C4 will be one of the grappling hook loadouts. In fact, the grappling hook really isn’t a grappling hook at all. It’s a configurable Bat Utility Belt that also has a grappling hook built in.



Whew! That bit from the RPS review was worrying.



Holy shit that RPS review. Thank you to @lordkosc for linking it. You’ve saved us all some serious day 1 moola.

Gone is the simplicity of needing to find each area’s collection of gubbins, blow up all of its red-striped structures, and 100% a zone. Instead you’ve got a splurge of bizarre and under-explained tasks to perform, each tied to a different metric, that conflates the previously delightful seeking of chaos with an arcane confusion of a locked map that you can explore anyway, in which missions are locked and gated behind other missions locked and gated behind other missions locked and gated behind menial tasks. …

100%ing a zone now requires not entertaining yourself by exploding everything, but by performing the worst, worst trivialities, like driving a specific model of helicopter through a blue circle in some arbitrary place in the sky. Or wrestling with the abhorrent wingsuit controls to bungle through a string of blue circles in a time limit. Or drive a certain car through a circle over a certain speed. Just utter guff, tenuously tied to a woefully incongruous side-plot about a film director wanting you to perform stunts for some deeply disturbing snuff movie she’s apparently making.


Which is to say, it’s the same plot as last time, only with barely any actually scripted missions related to it. And this wouldn’t matter a jot if the rest of the game just let you get on and have fun. But between quite extraordinarily terrible AI and bugs, and the demoralising confusion of every aspect of its delivery, it does everything it can think of to stop this.

Thank you to John Walker at RPS. Seriously, thank you.

I’ll replay JC2 and wait for many patches and a huge sale. Wallet condition now set back to green.


Wow that sound terrible. I already disliked JC3 unlock system (even though I got pretty good on the wingsuit challenges lol) and it sounds like they’ve cranked up that type of design to 11. It’s a shame really, since the formula was already pretty good in JC2, so this is clearly a regression.


Here are things I loved about JC2 that are not here -

  1. Finding armor shards in weird spots! I loved treasure hunting for them.
  2. Methodically destroying all the red things in a location and completing it. I can’t tell how many I’ve blowed up! Do I even get anything if I do apart from just ‘chaos’?
  3. Dear god why is there no minimap?

Barely 20 minutes in and I’m fiddling with grappling hook loadout tutorials and attaching balloons to things. I’m deploying invisible troops to icons on a map that I haven’t explored.
Why am I not blowing stuff up? Who are all these boring characters that are continually introduced that I don’t care about?

JC2 was so pure. Jump out of a plane! Take over this stronghold! Enjoy this beautiful view! 100% this military airport and steal the chopper!

This is a muddled mess that obscures all the stuff that made JC2 work with things I can’t imagine wanting or needing.


This game makes me inexpressibly sad.


I never picked up JC3 because you guys kept talking about the terrible unlock system. I was hoping JC4 would move back to JC2. Oh well, saved me some money.


I assume this was made by some avalanche c-team while the people behind JC2 and Mad Max are doing either the Hunter or Generation Zero or something



I believe they are making RAGE 2. :)


This review was a lot more positive, but even he complains about the difficulty and frequency of the timed missions.