Just Cause 4


So after all of this I reinstalled JC2 on my PS4 and started playing. Took a break from RDR2 and binged on JC2.

There’s nothing broken here. It’s pure free form joy. Of course second time through I don’t have to learn how to fly the choppers or how to use the grapple hook like I did starting it up the first time. I’d forgotten how much fun it was to upgrade to the better guns, to fly a chopper around and see the world to explore (I only completed about 40% last time because of some serious life stuff that came up) and to go into a complex and take out all the “red stuff” in whatever way I choose. There’s still a mission or two I suck at like chase this guy on a motorcycle or escort missions but I had a moment of pure grins when I had to take some guy in a limo to a drop off spot. I suck at getting through roads filled with bad guys shooting at my limo. So I crashed the limo into a tree in the woods, the guy I was escorting and I got out, and he followed me as we walked to the drop off location through the woods. I watched when we had to cross a road until it was clear before we dashed across. It was still tense but in a stealth way rather than an action movie car crash way. I love that the game didn’t give me a “mission failed” as soon as I left the car and decided NOT to do the mission the way they designed it.

JC2 still makes me grin ear to ear and still has an open world, chaos my way, addictive quality. Like I said, all they could do is screw it up. I’d just like another JC2 with a new huge map and geography, improved graphics, maybe some new cool choppers and guns, and leave everything else alone. Oh but add a co-op campaign mode.


Frankly I’d be happy with JC2 map and graphics if it had the new grappling and wingsuit mechanics.


This is a great story. I agree wholeheartedly about Just Cause 2.

However, I am a little confused on how you played it on a PS4? You were playing through PS Now, I take it, since streaming the game is the only way to play it on PS4. Didn’t the streaming cause any control lag issues?


Fool me twice, Avalanche, shame on me. JC2 was so great it was almost worth wasting my money on 3 & 4.


Heh, yeah, I didn’t feel bad about giving them money for JC3, even though I ended up hardly playing it at all. Just because I felt like I still owed them more money for JC2. I bought JC2 at launch, but it provided me with way more entertainment than $60 worth.

But now, with JC4, it works against them. Always judged on the previous game in the franchise, so I feel like the impressions needed to be extra positive this time.




Steam reviews are killing it.


I only got in a half hour or so last night, but I will say they did some nice work on the tether/parachute mechanic. MUCH smoother than in JC3, and feels more like JC2. I was moving like Spider-Man on this one. My initial response was really favorable.

Sad to see all the other complaints in the reviews quoted above. But I’m not going to read them, I have the game so I’ll let it find its own ways to disappoint me.

I did only go about 70% into JC3, which I’d never have believed would happen after the magic of JC2. How can Avalanche miss what made that game so special?


Sorry I do all my gaming on my PS4 so I automatically type that. I am replaying on my PS3 on the shelf above the PS4.

If I wasn’t so into RDR2 right now I’d be replaying JC2 non stop.


My son bought this. He is more tolerant than I am of bugs and he LOVES Just Cause.

“Its a buggy POS dad.”

it literally crashes to desktop every few minutes. We will give this one a few more months to fix things I think.

First patch underway


Hello Everyone,

Firstly, we want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported Just Cause 4 to date. We’re a small but very passionate team here at Avalanche Studios New York, and each and every one of us has put our hearts into this project for the past three years.

Due to the complexity of Just Cause 4’s vast open world and advanced physics systems we understand that a number of you are experiencing various technical issues. Even though the game has now launched, this is just the start of our continued support on Just Cause 4. We are actively monitoring your feedback very closely and have a team of engineers at Avalanche Studios working hard on updating and improving the game. Once these fixes have been through internal and first party tests then we’ll be rolling them out ASAP.

In good news, we are already planning to release the first wave of improvements and aiming to have these available to everyone in the next couple of weeks. Here is an overview of some of the updates we are working on:

Xbox One & PS4

  • Fixes to some motion blur rendering issues
  • Add a motion blur toggle to the options menu (following user requests)
  • Improvements to the overall visual quality on both Xbox One and PS4
  • Fixes to some texture mapping issues
  • Other graphical improvements, such as smoother vegetation transitions
  • Various stability fixes
  • Lighting updates to some cut scenes


  • Improvements to menu navigation for mouse and keyboard users
  • Support for remapping of movement keys
  • Improved vegetation rendering and asset updates
  • Fixes to some texture mapping issues
  • Increased mouse sensitivity range
  • Corrected specialised vehicle support for mouse and keyboard players
  • Fixed issue with steering flying vehicles with keyboard
  • Numerous stability fixes

We are aware of many other issues being reported and are prioritising tasks as best we can so you will continue to see further updates.

If you are experiencing issues then please contact the customer support teams who are also providing direct feedback to us:
Europe: http://support.eu.square-enix.com
North America: http://support.na.square-enix.com
Japan: http://support.jp.square-enix.com

We really appreciate your support and feedback on Just Cause 4, we will continue to monitor this and will keep you all updated along the way.

The Just Cause team



OK. So played for a bit. Here’s what I think thus far…

  • PC version - no crashes for me at all so far.
  • First few missions seem fine and enough like the early part of JC2 that hopes are up.
  • In the cities/sites/whatever in areas you control, hovering over them brings up the name and something that says ‘0/x completed’ - ie, the starting city, I think, is 0/2, the initial ‘base’ is 0/3, etc. The problem is - I have no idea what that’s for. There’s clearly something to do there, but I have no idea what.
  • It does seem chaos is needed to allow you to move forward with missions at some point, so destroying things clearly will be in order. So that’s all good, I guess.
  • No challenges seen as of yet. It’s early, tho.

Bottom line - for at least the first few missions, it feels enough like JC2. But I’m also still sort of waiting for it to ‘open up’, and I’m not really sure what I need to do to do that.


Improved vegetation rendering and asset updates

This is where the fun is was hiding. Looking forward to this patch.


Those unlock pretty quickly after the tutorial, when you first do a mission for Garland, one of the three NPCs that grant the grapple mods.
They’re basically stunt challenges, similar to the previous game except they’re ‘in world’, i.e. no loading screens.


Yeah - few more hours in now…

  • Missions are pretty fun in this game. At least so far.
  • The ‘challenges’ for the most part aren’t the same as JC3. The wingsuit ‘challenges’ are the closest, but thus far, you only have to fly through 3 or 4 rings, and not 20 or 30 of them like JC3. The rest of them seem to be fly/drive/boat through a ring with a given vehicle, or fly/drive/boat through a ring at/above a given speed.
  • Weapon unlocks seem to be tied through taking over areas from the enemy. At least, I haven’t seen any other method. And there doesn’t appear to be any upgrades for weapons. They just are. Doesn’t mean they suck by any means.
  • A lot of car unlocks seem to be tied to the ‘challenges’ above of driving a specific vehicle through a ring. The problem is you have to find that vehicle first. That just seems stupid.

Overall, I’m still having fun with the game. It’s still fun to get in a helicopter and blow up all the red stuff at the base before doing the mission that takes place there. I still don’t think it’ll reach JC2 levels of brilliance, but I’m still having fun, so there’s that. And still no CTD. Only ‘issue’ seems to be my CPU and/or video card is old enough that GeForce Experience optimizes with all the settings on ‘low’ for me, so it may be time to upgrade.


Another issue is that the game doesn’t look much better on highest settings than it does on the lowest… ;)

My only real annoyance is that the game briefly freezes every so often when trying to stream data in or save checkpoints. Quite often when driving, or when switching between chute and suit. Installed on SSD too.


Weird - I’m not seeing any pausing/freezing at all. In fact, I can’t make any sense of the loading screen tips because they disappear so quickly.

As far how the game looks on highest vs lowest settings - I can’t speak to that being only at the low end. But for me, the graphics are fine for the gameplay. I don’t play the JC games for graphics. I do it for fun, and they work well enough for that (for me).


Yeah the visuals are serviceable, but I’d love higher res screenspace reflection maps at least so the water surface is not so ugly. Even with SSR off there’s this distracting dark low res flicker on top of the water.

One part of the low detail that does affect gameplay though - in Just Cause 3 there were waves and wakes that affected the physics of boats and jetskis etc. There’s none of that here, it’s just flat.


Maybe to do with me running high refresh with Gsync. But I’ve tried locking down to 60 frames and it didn’t fix it. Might try moving to another HD.


I’m also running with Gsync at a high refresh rate and I’m not getting any freezing at all.