Just Cause: Lots of Parachuting

Yeah. The next GTA-esque game on 360, following on Saints Row’s curtails, has arrived in the marketplace with a demo.

Just a heads up. Review coming once it finishes downloading.

Yeah, it was mentioned this morning in the other thread. I tried to download it before work but for whatever reason it never got past 1% in 20 minutes.

I like to think of the title as an answer to the inevitable questions this game will raise. Why do I have a reusable retractable parachute? Just 'cause.

I played the 360 version briefly at lunch. I’ll need to put some more time into it before real impressions but I liked it for the most part. I hear the PC demo is much worse though. Also some questionable demo decisions in there, the skydiving takes some getting used to and this is the first thing you do, also your first mission is effectively timed in that you can’t let this guy get away, so you can fail the mission in the first 5 minutes and have to restart. After that you’re on a less stringent timeline. Also the grappling hook appears to not be in the demo, and that seems like one of the big sells of the game so it’s odd for that not to be there as well.


I need a pile of cocaine and a carbine assault rifle with grenade attachment, STAT

Overall I like it. Graphics on the 360 are pretty good, though the people could be a bit better. Environment looks good though, underwater is nice too. You need to complete all your objectives in a day, some of the missions are timed but the clock doesnt start until you start the mission. Demo includes an on foot, a helicopter, a car, and a boat mission. View distance is huge on the 360. The stunt position stuff is kind of neat when you use it to jump from one car to another and then kick the guy driving out of it. I wish the grapple was in the demo though :( Controls are decent, you can drop to an over the shoulder aiming mode by clicking the right stick. I wish jump and action were switched though.

Oh yeah and being able to shoot grenades in mid air is cool too.

Best part is the grenade shooting. Otherwise, its an okay game.

Standard GTA Clone, but Its fun skydiving. And hopping from helicopter to helicopter, in insane amounts of distance, are also fun. And that boat they give you is just plain badass… PERIOD. Hated how it ends though. They stop you mid jump, and say “TO BE CONTINUED”

Not a way to end a demo, I’m afraid! Let me finish the mission! Even Saints Row let me finish the mission!

Overall: Decent. Has POTENTIAL. At least a Rental.

Seemed kinda… gay… to me. The “click click click” of his heels, sailing between the hoods of cars like a ballerina? Meh.

Overall, I enjoyed it and will most likely pick this one up. (side note: I didn’t care for Saints Row at all).

Lots of little things I didn’t really like about this one. Parachuting controls were rather difficult, and landing on the guys car was next to impossible. Driving the cars was a little weird, but that may be because I’ve been playing so much PGR3 lately. Actually, I found the controls overall to be the weakest part of the game. The fact that the camera would snap back to a behind-view was rather annoying as well. Oh and unskippable cutscenes are a borderline no sale for me. Timed missions = LOSE. And the missions really seem to be trial by error. So far, not so good.

Onto the good things: the game is very purty. Very, very purty. Things blow up real good. Explosions are really nice as well, and fun to do. That last bit where you’re driving for the bridge and have like the whole fucking island after you but it doesn’t matter because you’re launching rockets at all the fuckers sending 'em sky high with a really fucking cool explosion almost makes up for all the short comings of the game.

Dead to me. DEAD.

I still can’t download the Just Cause demo. Or the TDU demo. Or some random Just Cause video I tried to grab. Everything else is fine; I can connect to Xbox Live, look at my friends list, send and receive messages, play online – but downloading does nothing. Just started yesterday. It’s going to make me cry.

I found the controls on PC to be irritating to the point of annoyance. This is clearly intended to be played on either a console or with a gamepad, but keyboard/mouse - forget it.

Also, you would appear to be essentially impervious to gunfire in the demo. I was shot pretty much nonstop during the second part of the mission and my dude seemed to be able to shake it off. I don’t know if that a demo decision or what, but it seemed weird.

But the timed missions fucking blow, so no sale for me.

Yes… The Rocket Truck was badass… Why’d they even put machine Guns on it? Useless!

I found the vehicles were hard to destroy with anything short of rockets, and then, they blew up REALLY REALLY FAST. Never, get caught by the Police Helicopters, while in your own helicopter… insta-death.

However, jumping from one to the other was mecha indeed fun.

I’m really surprised at the reaction here. I played the Just Cause demo about halfway through (just beyond the second target) and quit because I thought it was so dreadful. The original premise, James Bond goes to FarCry island, didn’t really capture me, and then they show you the first target, a poorly modelled military commander that was apparently made in Bryce 5 with a dropdown box that read “generic military person.” Some of the animations are truly awful (going from the steering wheel to the hood of a car in particular), the auto-aim essentially played the game for me, and the driving physics were a little too lunar for me. It’s too harsh to judge a game that is not going to be out for weeks by this particular demo, but I couldn’t even bring myself to finish it. Hopefully the final version turns out better.

I’m with Jim, except I thought the premise was awesome.

The auto target thing with the giant red circle around your target sucks. It kills immersion. Killing things/blowing things up seemed to be endless. There was no sense of overwhelming odds or any danger, because your health is so high and your shots so powerful. You can take down choppers with your infinity dual handguns, for instance. The explosions are wonderful, and doing stunts and basejumping is really neat. The characters, animations and models look really cartoony to me. The jungle are lush, but it makes it strange when you’re looking in the jungle for an enemy and then the game auto targets something for you. Auto aiming or helping with your aim is nice, but auto targeting without even having you push a button is realyl not fun.

I dunno, I don’t know why exactly, but it isn’t a buy or even rental for me. It seemed like a fantastic premise to me, but the execution left me feeling . . . on rails in an open world, if that makes sense.

Plus, when I was being chased, helicopters seemed to spawn from nowhere every 5 seconds. I bet I destroyed 50 helicopters last night in my own helicopter before I got bored. I mowed down hundreds of cops and miltary all around me while getting almost no damage in return. Having bad guys drop random health packs is also a bad decision. The game almost feels like Ikari Warriors except you have an absolutely gigantic health bar.

Playing with the parachute is really fun, but it’s a pass for me now. I’ll just play with the demo over and over unless the full game offers something radical.

Played the 360 version, really liked it. Much more then Saints Row. Does the sundrenched, low-rent Mercenaries thing well enough, despite the wonky control and the demo apparently being on easy mode. Definitely going to gamefly it.

Agreed, this is a whole lot more interesting than Saints Row. It looks like it might not live up to the ideas they’ve got though. Driving needs a whole lot of attention, for example. It’s not anywhere close to must-buy-preorder status, and honestly I don’t think it’ll improve enough to warrant more than a rental, but I hope the rest of you buy it so I can play Just Cause 2 some day.

I’m with Jim on the premise and ElGuapo on the rest…

Mostly underwhelming compared to the Saints Row demo. The parachute gimmick wore out after the first time I had to do the jump. I had practically no challenge as all I had to do was lob a few grenades, shoot and run around and somehow my health was constantly recharged.

I know Saints Row is a GTA “clone” but it just exuded much more personality and has all the right enhancements to make it shine. Reviews and word-of-mouth pending I’ll be picking up Saints Row release weekend and passing on Just Cause.

The controls could be better. I got into it more as I played. The game felt like I was in trance music video. The soft and washed out look was playing with my eyes for some reason.

I’m not sure if it’ll be a week one buy for me. I might wait till it hits $20.

I liked the music, after playing through it three times. I don’t know… it brought back memories of another game, whos name I can’t put to its music…

Meh. Not going to buy after I realized I played the entire thing without takinga scratch…

You know, there have been a few games out there with very non-representative demos - Dead Rising comes to mind. Lacking any of the objectives or survivors, the demo presents a completely different game…

I wonder if that’s the case with this one, on two points: the timed missions, and the ridiculous amount of health. If both of these things are demo-specific, the game might be quite different.

The vehicle handling really needs help though.

I’m still undecided. It is retailing at 50, not 60 at least, and it is different. Hm…