Just Cause: Lots of Parachuting

So much horribly stupid bitching in here. =(

P.S. I hate you all. I still can’t download the demo. Or anything from the Marketplace, apparently. But every other part of Xbox Live works fine.

I had a surprisingly good time. The draw distance, palette and style were all rather nice. Controls were perfect for me. The arcadey combat didn’t really do it for me, but the freedom of being able to sccot around the island was novel and fun, especially any time you need to get from anywhere up high with that parachute :)

(I took Vice City back to the shop - crap control and save system, and never saw San Andreas, so perhaps everyone else is more used to this than me?)

Point to you, however:

The main point of the game is to start a revolution. Well, start a Revolution as fast as possible. So, I think timed missions will get in as a staple of the game, which could be for good or bad. If they tightened up vehicle driving, the overbearing thought of “Hell, i’ve got to get this done by tonight!” sense would kick in more, and get the adrenaline pumping a little more…

I find this an odd complaint, since I didn’t feel the game was about immersion at all.

Since the combat itself was so lighthearted, it made sense to give the user actual feedback about the auto aim. I had no problem with that, and I’d like you to explain why it was a problem, apart from it being unrealistic?

Liked the rest of the game, too, and thought it had a good sense of speed when you drive around the island. Doesn’t seem flawless or anything, but I look forward to spending some more time with it. Especially liked the parachute feature, the stunt position feature, and the helicopter. Oblivion can go home when it comes to actually making an interesting playground and fun toys to play with there. :)

Only got to this demo now, and I gotta say on one hand it looks promising, on the other hand I’m afraid the control issues (PC) won’t be solved.

The dirving control is seriously awkward, you press d, and a second later the car turns a set amount of angle, as if it is snapped to some grid.

I can always get it for the PS2, but I reckon in such a game there will be serious graphical differences between the PS2 version and a 7600GT.

Cool concepts though with all the neat unrealistic stuff.