JUst for fun: Factcheck's political whoppers of 2007

Just doing a morning browse and came across Factcheck’s choice of some top lies by politicians in 2007. Not sure how they picked these, and some seem to be things like “he said he created cut 37 taxes but it was only 27” or something like that, but still fun. And some are indeed just outright lies, like the union ad that talked about a company getting tax breaks to move jobs off-shore when in fact the jobs they’re talking about moved to Ohio.

Actually, looking back at the list, if this is for 2007 I’m surprised there weren’t more and better examples. But I’m sure people here will fill in those gaps. ;)


Duh, thanks, forgot to add that. ;)

They only lie when their lips are moving.

Well, “offshore” could mean “Lake Erie,” after all!

LOL! I like that. ;)

What’re you trying to hide, Lackey? Is there any other information that you “forgot” to provide us?