Just got a 360, but how do I go Live?

Ok, don’t make fun, I know like nothing about networking. All I know is I have a modem hooked up to my 360 and I want to connect to Live Marketplace to get some old games. When running the connection test, it fails at “MTU.” The support page says I might have an incompatable moden, but the modem I have is supposedly compatable with Live (Surfboard 4220). I suspect the problem may be with my computer set-up. Does it matter if I have a computer set up to another modem in the basement… would this cause a conflict? If so it looks like I’ll have to get a router but then I’d have to buy a wireless adapter for my X-Box which is another 100 bucks. Any suggestions?

Again, please forgive my ignorance.

It should work if you’re hooking up the 360 directly to the cable modem. But you say you have something else hooked up to it as well.

That makes me wonder if you have the 360 plugged into a proper ethernet port or if it’s some sort of specialized router port that requires a crossover cable.

I recommend you google up the manual for your cable modem and get a good description of the ports.

it sounds like the modem needs to be reset… Which is a bit more work then you’d probably think. You need to unplug it completely (power cable, ethernet cable and coaxial) and let it reset itself to defaults before plugging it back into a new device. Same is true if you’re switching to a router.

First of all, why do you have two modems? You should only need one for your house… if you have two modems, typically the cable company charges you two monthly fees, which would probably be really expensive.

If you can string wires to a single wired router, then you don’t need wireless. Cat5 (also called Ethernet) wiring is what you will need, if you don’t already have it. (You can probably order this online for a lot less then the local retail store, they really love to jack up the price on this sort of accessory).

If you cannot wire both the computer and the xbox to the router, then you will need a wireless router. From what I have heard, it is probably cheaper and easier to put a wireless card on the computer, and simply plug the wireless router directly into the xbox and the cable modem. If this isn’t possible for whatever reason, you could buy a wireless adaptor for the xbox instead of the PC.

I will give that a try, thanks.

The modem I am using for the X-Box is an old modem I orignially bought when I first got high speed internet from Comcast some three or four years ago. I bought it as part of a do-it-yourself package. The modem I got for triple play I am renting. In fact I tried to buy a modem the other day so I would’nt have to rent the modem but this modem has a phone jack that is not on any modem I could find at Best Buy. I’ll have to look online to see if I can buy one eventually. For now I may just go wireless if resetting the modem doesn’t work.

Think of the 360 as another computer. If you had two computers and both are connected to the Internet at the same time, you would need a router, which is what you need in this case.

You can buy the $99 wireless option for the 360, or put the router in a convenient location that’s close to your PC and 360, and use ethernet cables.

As for buying a modem, I bought a Zoom modem from Best Buy that works fine with Comcast. You may need to coordinate with comcast tech support when you install it because sometimes they need to know the modem’s IP address.

Not sure why you would need a phone jack on the modem (do you mean Ethernet jack?).

No, it’s a phone jack alright. Since the phone service is digital the phone hooks directly into the modem. I’ve never see a modem like it before; when I get home I’ll link a pic.

This is for voice-over-internet phone. It should work just like a regular phone outlet, once it’s setup… However, that port has no relevance to the xbox or the PC and only works with a regular phone. It’s probably a bad/redundant idea to use it with a 56K modem.

Try giving your XBox the MAC address of your computer. You can do so under the settings for Live on the XBox.

To get your computer’s MAC address:

Start->Run->type “cmd” and click OK-> at the C:> prompt, type “ipconfig /all”. The address will be the line that reads Physical Address, just fill that in (leaving out the dashes). You should also have DHCP set to auto-detect.