Just how bad is PDZ?

I have a little trade-in cash to burn at Gamestop, and have been eyeing a 360 game on the $20 range. I know that PDZ got pretty good reviews, but have read many comments bashing it pretty hard and saying the reviews were really inflated.

So, how bad is it really? Is it worth a few bucks, or should I just completely skip it and look at other (used) 360 games in that price range?

Download the demo and see for your self.

It’s one of the worst designed FPS games I’ve ever had the displeasure of playing.

IMO, for 20 bucks, it’s not to bad. You get what you pay for.

I feel sorry for all those that bought it for the full $60 launch price.

Launched at 50, so if you paid 60, you are a complete moron.

Honestly, it had like, two good ways of playing. The infection/virus variant on the Snow leve where auto-guns and the whirling blades were key, and the Bot-stomp on one of the desert levels where Rocketlaunchers were amazing.

Otherwise? A pretty slim pickinged game, especially now that GoW is out.

Then I assumed wrong then.

Unless I got it at some extra special walmart price, I’m sure that all MSoft sponsored games were 50 at launch. Now? Not so much.

I just remember scoffing at the announcement that next gen games would be all set to $60, then returning back to my PC. My how times have changed.

Anyways, I stand by my statement that 20 bucks is a decent price for PDZ.

I got PDZ with strategy guide for $25 shipped off ebay. For that price, I didn’t feel gipped. If the art direction was better, I think I would have enjoyed it more.

It’s pretty horrible singleplayer, but not bad at all in multi.

I was going to grab it for $20 awhile back, tried the demo and it seemed like the original UT. I passed. Just use your $20 as a way to get r6 vegas for $40.

The bad aiming kills all the fun.

I had, and wasn’t impressed. But sometimes demos don’t fairly represent the actual game, so I thought I would ask.

Thanks for the replies. I think I will skip this one.

Hey, how does PDZ compare to the original N64 Perfect Dark? I remember being disappointed by the N64 game; after all the hype it just couldn’t fill Goldeneye’s shoes. I’m wondering whether Rare failed to learn the lessons of the past, or if they just found all new mistakes to make…

It’s utter shit. The shooting is bad, the level design uninteresting, the characters appalling, the story beyond a joke. It’s annoying, simple, completely lacking in punch, visually bland, aurally unappealing, and just generally Not Very Good Indeed.

One of the worst first person shooters I’ve ever played. The aiming is always off, the controls feel lagged and delayed, and the level design is so awful they included giant arrows to help you find your way around. But there’s so much ther bad shit, like the AI, and the weapons, the half-ass cover system, and the way when you shoot someone their armour all pops off at once. Plus, even though the game is widescreen, I feels like you have such a narrow, tunneled vision of the game, which makes you lose your bearings.

The only part I liked was that level where you have to get into the club to save your retarded commando uncle or whatever the shit he was. I liked how outside the music was muted and when you stepped into the club it became clear. That was kind of neat.

The rest is steaming shit though. I’d pick it up for $10. No more.

Are we talking about a Golden Brown Award Winner for Shit here?

I actually liked some of the co-op stuff in the game and multi wasn’t bad.

It’s a very middle-of-the-road game. I reviewed it and just didn’t think it was all that great.