Just how bad is PDZ?

I found it not that bad. Not nearly as bad as some reviews would have you believe. The multiplayer can be quite fun if you find a stable server.

For $20 its worth it IMO.

Yeah, that’s about right. It’s not offensive. It’s just average.

I used to think that, then I realized there were like 100 other games you could buy for $20 that are better so I think it’s probably worth skipping it entirely.

It’s not horrible. There were some frustrating checkpoints. I did end up finishing the single player. Everything is either glowing or looks a bit plastic like but I like the character designs. Good soundtrack. Fun co-op over live (well at the time. I haven’t touched it much since near launch). Worth $20.

Thanks again for the input. There are enough games that have dropped recently to the $20-30 range that I will be skipping on PDZ in favor of some other games.

PDZero is just too busy. They tried to mix up the gameplay to make it “interesting” but somehow it just ended up “confusing.”

It’s not actively bad. If you can get it for $15-20, it might be worth it. Just realize that it’s not Halo 2.

And that Halo 2 isn’t Halo.

And Halo isn’t any other PC shooter ever, yes I’m including Mortyr

I thought PDZ was fairly mediocre, whose main feature was being the first X360-exclusive FPS. [Quake IV and CoD 2 were cross-platform, while Condemned isn’t really a shooter.] Graphically, it was quite nice by console standards when it first came out (though some people seem to really dislike its look); but compared to, say, GoW now it seems like weak sauce.

That said, it isn’t bad and if you’re in need of a FPS fix or a coop game, it’s probably still worth picking up cheap, IMHO.

It had occasionally pretty set pieces, but it was really a horrible game by any artistic standards from day one. Its technical graphical merit will fade with time, but its artistic merit was never there to begin with.

It has the best bots yet in a console game.

I only played until the third level, I think, at which point the whole thing were actively insulting. Horrible, horrible game, and if it gets better later on then that’s still no excuse for including such utterly shit bits in the beginning.

“Middle-of-the-road”? Only if you don’t own Q3A/UT (which are both vastly better) and need your generic deathmatch fix. Which, come to think of it, means you should still get Q3A/UT instead, actually.

So the gamestop weekly flyer just arrived in my mail box and they have PDZ for 14.99… its actually tempting at that price.