Just like Congo - Except it doesn't suck

A while back, someone on QT3 mentioned a book that sounded just like Crichton’s Congo: super apes guarding a hidden city. Oh, except this book supposedly doesn’t suck.

Anyone know the name of this book? I want to say it was by an English writer and the title had white in it, but my google-fu is weak and I can’t find anything.

this it?

Ah, but will we like it? It is, after all, filling the mainstream novel slot in this issue of Emerald City. Just how Crichton-like is it? Initial impressions suggest that it is very much so. The book is called White Devils, and almost immediately we are introduced to these creatures. The action is set in the Congo shortly after major environmental disasters. Africa is now home to many US biotech companies, mainly because the research they are doing is illegal back home (although the resulting products often are not). Our hero, Nicholas Hyde, works for an international human rights organization that is investigating atrocities in the Congo’s latest piece of military nastiness. Flown to the site of a fresh massacre, Nick and his colleagues discover that the perpetrators have not fled. They look like apes, with white fur and a collection of very sharp carnivore teeth. They are very fast, and very sharp. They have captured a few rifles, and know how to use them. Not that they need them to kill. Claws, teeth and blinding speed are quite enough to deal with human soldiers.

Has to be.