Just Lost Job - Coping/Job Hunting Advice Needed


Yeah, my comment was more that unless it’s something they really enforce, usually at first you get a warning. Obviously if you’re in a secure shop where they take this stuff damn seriously, no one really pays any attention. Or they ask and look it up and go “oh, it’s just some code snippet he was messing around with, no biggie.” I’m just curious how much data they gave him in the termination meeting.

Unless they are about to take it seriously and Lego was the canary in that coal mine.


It’s hard to say, but it could have been any of those reasons or just that his boss was gunning for him and needed a reason. People and companies can be extremely shitty. Many years ago when I first experienced it, I was horrified. Now I warily play the game but try to be prepared for the worst. It’s a bad way to work, but unfortunately it seems to be the norm. :(


So, I have a phone interview on Friday with Mutual of America. More of a sales job for 401(k). Anyway, it’s in Baltimore, so it’s still a long commute if I get it, but it should be only a few days in the actual office and more days on the road.

I will do my best, and see what it is all about. Better to receive an offer and say no rather then not have an offer at all.


Good luck!


@legowarrior, good luck! I just read your post. I hope you find something soon. I grew up in that area, just outside of Harrisburg. I’ve had those kinds of managers and that kind of scrutiny. You at least know your radar is correctly attuned. Sometimes it’s better to be gone from a bad job. Soon you’ll have something new and all this will just be a funny story.


Thanks everyone. I am a bit nervous about tomorrow.


Best of luck!!


Everyone gets nervous, it isn’t a big deal. Roll with it and remember, you’re just talking about yourself, and meeting a few new people who want to hear about you. Save the nervousness for things that really require it.

Within your answers tell them WHY you do what you do. Tell them what in your life motivates you. And tell them why you would be an asset for THEM.

Best of luck, @legowarrior, nail it!


Thanks for all the well wishes. I seemed to do a pretty good job during the interview, but the position was in southern MD, not central MD as I thought and moving was not an option.

Well, back to my resume. thanks for all the support guys, it means a lot to me.


Sorry to hear it’s not ideal, Lego. But you’ve got the interview behind you, the rest will be easy. Here’s to something closer popping up.


And as with most things, you get better with interviewing with practice. Think of this as your trial run for the ones you do want.


That’s how I saw it. Even if I had aced the phone interview, it just wasn’t a position I could have taken, at least not without a serious discussion with my wife.

I’m throwing out some resumes this weekend, and we’ll see if anything comes up.


Is moving not an option? Are there enough opportunities in your area you won’t need to move to find the job you want?


Moving is absolutely not an option. We are about to purchase our current home (sweet heart deal) and we are right across the street from an excellent elementary school. I have moved 3 times in the last 6 years, so I am done with that.


Sorry, that came out harsher then it meant to. We moved into the area 3 years ago to be closer to my wife’s family, and with two small kids, it’s been a good send. Trying to move with little ones would be a costly endeavor, and would guarantee a much higher cost of living then we currently have. Also it would mean that my wife would have to give up her part time job, which has potential to grow when the kids go to school.


I’ve moved to Michigan and back in the last 4 years. I so get it.


Not a problem. Just wondering what the size of your opportunity box was (new job opportunity box = what are you willing to do, where are you willing to do it, how much money do you have to have to do it.)


Just to keep everyone up to date, I have a phone interview for the major gifts position on July 21st. That does seem like a long way away though, but it’s nice to know that I made the cut for a phone interview.




The email indicated that it was there was a search committee involved. That seems a bit of a step up to what I’m used to.