Just Lost Job - Coping/Job Hunting Advice Needed


Hey this news is supposed to go in the Just Got A Job thread, you big jerk!

… I mean, congratulations!


Awesome, this means you’re coming to BSG-Con in Harbor City this winter, right?


Congrats @CraigM!


That’s great new. Congratz!


Excellent, congrats!


Good for you @CraigM! Congrats!


I love reading stories like that. Congrats, @CraigM!

Me, I’m just waiting on the yay/nay on a Sales gig for one of the big PC manufacturers. I made the shortlist of 3… just waiting to hear if the offer comes to me or not.


That is AWESOME! Congrats! Now go find a book called The First 90 Days.

I think it is a great easy read on how to get the best possible start in a new position/company.


Way to go, Craig! Great news.


I just looked and one of the libraries near me has an audiobook copy, I’ll pick that up Monday. Thanks for the tip :)


SWEEET. Such great news. You knocked it out of the park!


Congrats! Well done.


So, I have my first of two in person interviews monday for the position of Major Gifts Officer at my alma mater… I’m a little nervous, since this is the job I want. It’s close to home, promises to be interesting, and probably more fulfilling than my last position.

Thing is, I’m not exactly sure how I made the cut. I’ve limited experience in the field, although in my last position I had quite a bit of experience interacting with clients, and doing a lot of follow up.

It’s kind of nerve wracking. The interview is also at 8 AM, which will mean fighting a lot of traffic, and not having any extra time if anything goes wrong.

Anyway, I’m going through some mock interviews this weekend, and I’ll get all my suits in order and ironed. Any advise is appreciated, especially when it comes to career changing interviews.

I do have another interview next week in my industry that I am very qualified for and over the phone they seemed to like me, but I would rather only take that job if the current on falls through.


Well considering that I literally just had one, I’m moving from packaging engineering to software engineering, I’ll give you this.

On top of all the wonderful advice and recommendations from people here, calm and confidence. I’m going to. level, my excitement is the only thing keeping a screaming and petrifying terror from bubbling up. I am going from a field where I am one of absolute best in the country at what I do. But with a shrinking industry, and no real room to advance. Plus it’s not what I went back to school for, but merely a career I fell into for 11 years.

So I am absolutely fighting off impostor syndrome feelings. Which didn’t strike until I got the offer. During the interview process I just kept reminding myself to be confident, that I could do this. Because I can, despite what my misgivings say. I went back to school for this. I’ve been preparing and interviewing for this.

Because this?

I know this feeling. Kick that feeling to the curb, you can do this.


Find a nice little breakfast restaurant very close to your interview, leave your house at 6, have a nice leisurely breakfast from 6:45-7:30 and then be 10 minutes early with zero stress.

Oh - bring an extra shirt just in case you spill something on it while eating (trust me from experience!)


+1 to this.

This has happened to me more than once. Excellent advice, @Tman.


Don’t worry if that feeling sticks around. Keep going. It’s normal, especially in a super competitive field. Stay confident. Continue learning and growing. That’s your feedback loop.

Hell, I’ve been doing what I do for 20+ years now and lead one of the best teams in the industry for the specialty. Not a week goes by that some version of the thought, “Holy crap, this can’t be real…” doesn’t go through my head. Thing is, this isn’t faking it and it is very real. True expertise is about realizing there is always more to know and being excited by that rather than intimidated.

tl;dr: You’re doing it right. Keep it up!


I will grab a second shirt. So, I have to look through my suit, and see what level of formality I should go with. Black suit, or something a bit brighter? I am guessing my pink tie is out, but it certainly would be memorable.


Better choice: break into home of interviewer, ride in with them. No one knows the commute better than a current employee!


Thank you. I will remember that during my interview and laugh.