Just maybe the stupidest thing ever

“Ghetto” name thing

My “ghetto” name is “Bookmaster Teapot”, yeah thats definitly a ghetto name, one that has authority and will strike shakespere and herbal tea into the hearts of my foe’s.

Harry D?

I wonder how the whatever works to get the new names…

My brother’s was Ass Machine D. My girlfriend’s is Sexxmaster Jones.

All the girls have some sex thing

“Fallopian Cwac Cwac”

“Fellatio Cwac Cwac”

“Sexxmaster Teapot”

“Marla /” is “Fallopian Wack”

I got “Doctor Weed”.

I am a proud new owner of the “Wankmaster G” moniker. How did they find out :(

“Peeping Joe Kool.”


Sexxmaster Kawfi

Ass Machine Teapot


A friend of mine got “AssMaster Whack”.

Toilet Duq Jones

That’s hilarious. :lol:

Doctor Shizzlewah.
Describes me pretty accurately.

Samuel Jones is:

Stim-u-l8 Jones.


Site was running Gator crap… mutter What’s the name of the program that protects you from all that spyware crap again?

ad-aware will find it and delete it after it is installed on your machine.

Ass Machine Cwac Cwac.

Stim-U-L8 Jaam

Fallopian Cwac Cwac

Man, Swedish names are not meant to be ghettofied.

Slimmy Dawg T.

I like it.

Goddam gator site. Die gator die.

What the hell?..

Me = Fallopian Juice

My Girlfriend = Fellatio B