Just maybe the stupidest thing ever

Behold…Rock Hard Shizzlemah

Toilet Duq Kool.

A friend got Wankmaster Wack, which I wouldn’t mind using.

I got that too.

SpoofyChop = BootyWhack


So far, Doctor Weed’s kickin all y’all’s asses.

Sexxmaster Ice

I’ll take it.

balut == Bookmaster Wack

Fo shizzle.

Wankmaster Whack. What are they trying to say?

Oh the roomate got “Rectal Ice”. His sister got “Ass Machine Ice”. How did it know those two would both have something to do with a cold butt?

Doctor Jones

Hmm that’s kind of disappointing.

Tom Ross = Doctor Lobos.

Heh – “Murph” is “Munchi Wack.” That’s way cooler than what it gave me for my REAL name!

I got:

Toilet Duq Shizzlemah

I’m thinking of getting it tatooed on my forehead.

My wife’s is Gangmaster Shizzlemah (same last name, of course)

Rock Hard Teapot, yo.

Yes, the yo is a part of my name.