Just shut up and let Tom and Mark run the forum?

Seriously, the needling has to stop. The way Tom and Mark want to run the board is their business and their business alone. There’s a hue and cry for stricter moderation, then there’s whining about the outcome. Mind your own business. It’s not like this board is so busy that they’d be unaware of “trouble”, and if Tom and Mark wanted your opinion on what should be done, they’d make a poll.

A forum designed for the people should allow the people (or “You People”) to at least voice their opinions.

i don’t know for sure, but i think tom and mark could disable polling if they wanted to.

EDIT: Just remembered i’m an admin on another phpBB forum. you can indeed set per-usergroup, per-FORUM access levels on poll creation.

Qt3 should be a Republic again! Tom and Mark don’t need to be men OF the people but they should try to be men FOR the people!

Tom and Mark are doing an ungratefull job - but I’m gratefull that they are hanging in there.
I don’t agree with everything they do - but I’m a believer in compromises as a tool.

Whatever you do to keep this forum alive is your buisness.
You should do what you believe in are right - don’t let us change that! 8)

Tom and Mark are doing a great job, and are being very good sports considering everybody is trying to tell them how to run this forum.

It’s one thing to make your opinion known. It’s another thing for half the population to drone on and on and on about it.

Did you ever stop to think about how difficult it is to try to tell Tom and Mark how to run the forum when pansies like you and Parrjot keep trying to shut us up?!


How do YOU have a valuable opinion on this matter, when you only returned to the forum when Wumpus was kicked out?

Was that a behind-the-scenes deal? Kick out Wumpus and I’ll return?

Your “great job” makes me sick.

If only we could get rid of you that easily, Brian.

<wistful sigh>

How do YOU have a valuable opinion on this matter, when you only returned to the forum when Wumpus was kicked out?

Was that a behind-the-scenes deal? Kick out Wumpus and I’ll return?

Your “great job” makes me sick.[/quote]

omg koontz = wumpus!

wumpus was always the leading ‘koontz isnt real’ conspiracy theorist :shock:

Wumpus, like myself, waffled on whether or not Koontz was a troll. One thing is for sure: whoever is role-playing the Koontz character, if that is the situation, is the greatest actor and literary genius who has ever lived. I mean, who else would issue passionate manifestos of women as baby-making-machines who, if not following their supreme function, serve as defacto rape repositories for guiltless men to thrust their passions upon? But then, only a couple of posts later, make another post in which he blandly and sanguinely comments on Ryu from Street Fighter 2, or lists all of the games that he enjoys?

Unlike other troll characters, such as Cleve Blakemore or Dave Long, Brian Koontz isn’t just some one-noted buffoon, constantly harping on about the same thing. Rather, he is multi-faceted and often takes time-outs from the insanity to bring us all back down from the dizzying heights of hilarity into which the Greatest Thinker on this Board, by far, gravitates us.

If all Brian ever came out with was stuff about the Sieve, Dragonlance being the apex of human artistic expression, Greatest thinker, Doom = MMORPG, “frenetic action feeling”, &c. the Qt3 forums would be like walking into a room full of the Joker’s nerve toxin and inhaling deeply: we’d fall to the ground as chalk-faced freak shows, our corpses’ faces contorted into the tell-tale nightmare grimace of the infinite mirth that had killed us. If Koontz is a troll, I think we can all thank Brian’s owner for not actually executing all of us with his genius.

Unfortunately, I just can’t believe that Koontz’ character is being role-played so consistently by some sort of twisted genius, which basically leaves us with the fact that Koontz is one of the greatest idiots who has ever lived. But if Koontz is a troll character, I’ll worship his puppeteer forever when the Punch-and-Judy curtains finally close and he stands up to take a bow.