Just want to say thanks to the community.

Just to jump out front real quick: there’s no particular motivation for this post. I’m not (as far as I’m aware) dying of some illness, exploring the depths of the ocean in a carbon fiber submarine, or otherwise leaving the site (the disappointment is almost palpable, guys. Sheesh!).

My mind just happened to be wandering because it is Thursday of a long week and apparently my brain has decided it has had enough of office work for the time being, thankyouverymuch. And I was thinking about some of the various threads that have popped up on this forum over the years and the awesome amount of support I’ve seen expressed. Maybe it’s the loss of a loved one (whether two legs or four), an illness a forum member or a family is going through, depression, divorce, loss of a job, midlife crisis, collateral damage of a midlife crisis, weird body issues, whatever it may be! And there’s always been such an outpouring of support… and it’s the genuine kind of support. No flaccid “thoughts and prayers”, but actual reaching across the internet and extending a hand to those that might need it. And that seems to be super rare. Rare enough that this is the only site I’ve ever experienced where that actually happens with such regularity.

In any case, I just wanted to say thanks for letting me be a part of such an amazing community over the years. And thanks for putting up with my shitposts, dumb jokes, bad grammar, occasional fits of pique, and terrible fashion sense. I appreciate it.

Just the illness that is life.

A community is only as good as the individuals who participate in it and who make positive contributions to keep it going. You’re one of those people and as such, it’s good to have you here. So, uh, you’re welcome!

I feel the same way, and I appreciate it as well.

Just think how amazing it would be if you were doing this but somehow not aware of it. Would certainly beat the usual Phil 101 “brain in a vat” scenarios.

What, like interacting with Qt3 was just the last oxygen-starved fantasies of your brain as the submarine imploded?

Sorry, fellas, but I’d prefer my last oxygen-starved fantasies to be of the 80s nubiles of my youth, not you lot.

I love this post, and you’re part of what makes QT3 so amazing. You’re awesome @KevinC :)

Strongly agree.

Point of order, i feel oxygen-starvation and submarine implosion are almost certainly mutually exclusive.

I agree and replied to Jeff with your name tagged as well, Kevin. Just so you both know more love.

I’m happy to have stumbled here after someone mentioned it in a gaming magazine at some point. It was a different time then. We’ve all gotten older and wiser (yeah right) but also more laid back, tolerant, and caring toward each other. We’ve entered the golden phase of QT3. Now is the time to enjoy each other all the more, but only after you dirty homies take a shower.

And I’d gladly raise a pint with any of you at any time, just name the place.

Who are you?

Love this, Kevin - QT3 is the best online community ever, and I feel lucky to have found it

Living is the leading cause of dying, after all.

I don’t know about terrible fashion sense, Kevin. Every time I look at your picture I’m thinking is that Tom Wolfe? I too appreciate the civility and respect folks show each other here.

Three cheers for gratitude!!!

I like to think 1) we are unique and special and 2) there are lots of similarly supportive communities out there on the great big world wide web and simple acts of human kindness are happening constantly all around us.

Imagine how much even better this community could be with the introduction of a like button.

Until that day, let me just express that there have been many posts on qt3 over the years that I have liked very much but been too lazy to write a reply saying as much. Remember that post a few months ago you stayed up late to compose only to find the next morning that the conversation had moved on and noone said anything about your many insightful points? Chances are I liked it, so keep your chin up.

I have very much enjoyed many of your posts over the years KevinC. I hope you stick around forever.

I haven’t been here long but you, KevinC, are one of the good ones, always seeming to find the positive in someone’s posts and offers friendly criticism which makes posting here more enjoyable and “safe”.

Wholeheartedly agreed!

I originally stumbled on here after the demise of CGM, a few months before turning 18, much to my immediate embarrassment. Tom told me I could stay as long as I behaved, like a bouncer who knows you turn 21 at midnight. A Darkest Timeline™ version of me might have wandered into 4chan instead, doomed to be emotionally stunted forever. Instead I found a place where critiques are generally thoughtful, not spiteful, and toxic people get shown the door.

People here are passionate about sharing the things they love, and that’s best exemplified in the QT3 Secret Santa. Nowhere else I’ve been would produce such generosity, much less make it so personal.

EDIT: A forum full of editors is also directly responsible for me having the M-W app on speed dial and an illustrated copy of Strunk & White.

I’ve been largely absent from the forums this year, but wanted to echo this as well. This is a great, energetic, challenging, supportive place and I like that we’ve all kind of stumbled into middle-age together and are propping each other up as we age and go through shit. Practicing gratitude has been a big part of therapy for me this year and I want to say thanks to all of you for the community here and to @KevinC for making this thread. Thanks guys! Hugs all around! Hit me up if you’re in San Diego and we’ll hit a pub; if you PM me, I’ll see it in my email even if I’m not visiting the forum daily (hourly? 5-minutely?) anymore.