Just want to say thanks to the community.

We need to bring back the like button, especially for this thread.

I like that there isn’t one.

Can I get an Amen (that is interesting)?

Anyway, having lost both two and four legged family in the last few days, I agree. More than anything, the stories people have shared about the challenges they are or have faced has a way of putting things that happen to me into perspective, which is really helpful at times.

This forum needs an invisible like button!

It already has one. I click it all of the time. But I guess you can’t see it. :)

I remember finding this place after wandering in the cyber-wilderness after rottentomatoes forums got closed and Resetera turned out to be a bunch of whiny kids. How I found it, I do not recall. But folks were talking games and politics and movies and pizza and Gilmore Girls (which I’ve only tangentially watched!) and I knew I’d found a new home. Y’all are great.

And we appreciate what you add to this place.

Hey, sorry to hear that. My condolences.

I don’t pop into the Everything else thread very often, much less scroll down 7 days, but I’m glad I did. @KevinC , you’re awesome. Not only are all your posts kind and respectful, but you also provided some calm when me and my family moved. It was great meeting you in person too.

There are lots of other great people here too, and I don’t want to name anyone in particular since I am bound to forget many. I’ll just say there are a lot of you. I feel like I’m a bit of a parasite leeching off of the many well thought out posts about games and such without having a lot to contribute myself. I seem to forget about a game shortly after putting it down. So, thanks people at Qt3 for making it a great place.

It was great meeting you too! Hopefully we’ll be able to meet up again before too long. There’s only so many weird timing issues life can throw at me when we try, right?

Of course now that I say that a meteorite will fall through my house next time the UFC comes to SLC or something. :)

Well said, @KevinC

Sorry I may have been the cause of some of your dino deaths on one of our first ARK maps! I just wasn’t prepared to do anything but run when I saw the early TRex. I believe you had quit by then, though, so maybe no harm! :)