Just when you thought it was safe to be just an image, Xbox Avatars are coming back

Microsoft announced a revamped Xbox Avatar program yesterday at E3 2017. The new Xbox Avatars have been redesigned with diversity and inclusiveness in mind, so for example, avatar clothing and accessories are no longer locked into gender categories. Prosthetic limbs and wheelchairs are options as well as a pregnancy “baby bump” and various other physical traits. According to the producers, the redesign is being done in Unity.

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Huh. I didn’t know avatars were still a thing, to be honest.

I’m sure many people had previously shied away from the service due to the strange exclusion of cybernetics.

They are. Though I think the main time I see them is when my daughter is playing Kingdom for Kerflings.

They certainly are less visible than they used to be in the 360 days, but I liked them. So I’m kind of glad they are coming back.

I really don’t care about them on Windows though. For me, they are a nice little bit of flair on the console.