Justice League - DC and Warner Bros' superpowered team-up movie

November 17th, 2017. Zack Snyder directing.

Ben Affleck
Henry Cavill
Gal Gadot
Ezra Miller
Jason Momoa
Ray Fisher
Amy Adams
J. K. Simmons
Jeremy Irons
Amber Heard
Willem Dafoe
Jesse Eisenberg

I personally liked the overbearing super-gravitas of Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman. But I feel I was in the minority, and I wonder if they can or should sustain that Snider serious vibe with Justice League…

At least flash seems like a goofball but Aquaman and Cyborg and WW are lookin’ intense.

It’s interesting that the Batman characterisaion in the JL trailer is completely different to that of BvS, where I don’t recall a single moment of humour or lighter emotion from him. It was rather jarring after only having seen BvS over the weekend and just before viewing the new trailer.

I welcome the direction.

In other forum I asked who was the cyborg looking guy. Later I learned he is, in fact, called Cyborg. Like, non-ironically.

Supers comics, man.

Cool new thread man.

Exactly. I complained about his inclusion in the other thread too. Somebody linked to a cartoon version in his defense, and maybe he’s great in the Teen Titans, I don’t know. Maybe he’s great in the comics now too. It’s quite possible someone has written a fantastic story for him, and I know his recent push to prominence in the Justice League and DC world predate this movie.

It’s still just too corny an idea for me to take seriously. A cyborg called Cyborg as a founding member of the Justice League somehow still seems silly compared to what’s already a pretty silly group if you think about it.

This thread doesn’t lead me to existential inner questioning about the nature of direction and Ben Affleck, so I hate it.

Also, Cyborg is goofy as fuck. I was so glad that the mid-season “reveal” for a character in Supergirl wasn’t Cyborg.

I don’t know anything about Cyborg other than he’s a cyborg and in the Teen Titans. Is that it? Just robo-strength and a cyber-eye? His human parts are still human, right?

Far as I could tell. I skimmed the Wikipedia article, I think he was also originally super-smart because his parents were scientists and treated him like a lab rat, then later in life the cyborg-ification came when an inter-dimensional monster showed up and killed his mother and maimed him, so his father made him a cyborg to save him. New 52 version summary didn’t mention the super-smart part, just that it was a lab explosion with a Mother Box or something (things that have to do with Apokolips/Darkseid) and his dad cyborg’d him after that.

Cyborg makes sense if you are trying to attract the fans of the Teen Titans cartoon show. He was the goto invention/science guy in the cartoon as well. I am talking about the more serious Teen Titans show not the gag one that I see now.

He’s a black superhero, think that’s all that DC was going for. Personally I’d prefer John Stewart (think that’s his name, from the animated JL series), but I think Cyborg is a fine choice (not that I know much about him).

As Wholly Schmidt notes, the New 52 launch of the Justice League tied Cyborg’s origin in with Apokolips. He actually has a Mother Box inside of himself; it is a sentient teleportation device, among other functions. His mastering of that technology is what allows the nascent Justice League to repel Darkseid’s invasion. Because the movie seems to be tracking a similar storyline, I would expect them to retain that part of his origin and role on the team.

Ah, so that’s the bit in the Batman v Superman snippet! So he’s a bit like the MCU Vision now? He’s got a MacGuffin in him?

I just picked up the first 6 Vision books, haven’t had a chance to read them yet. But yes, Cyborg is a living MacGuffin now.

Between the chrome and the leds that seems to come from a custom gaming computer, yep, he just looks goofy. I was surprised because you know, usually they dial back the goofiness in the supers movies.

In general terms, I don’t like they are going to do this movie without doing movies for the rest of the new superheroes. I think Marvel did it better, with films for Ironman, The Hulk, Thor, and Captain America. Yeah, Hawkeye and Black Widow didn’t have movies but they are just ‘highly skilled humans’, you don’t need a lot to understand that. And they are doing it again, with a Dr. Strange movie before using him in the other films.

But I would need a movie to explain why there is a cyborg guy as silly as a Borg in the universe presented in the Batman vs Superman movie.Same with Aquaman. Another reason is that they will have to rush the character motivations, background and B plots of each new character into the film, making very possible to do a rush hack job, if you do an origin film you can establish their origin, personality and what drives the hero in there.

So now we’re asking for origin stories. doesn’t everyone know by now how Aquaman came to be ;)

He’s some rich guy that got stranded in the ocean and learned how to control fish, right?

Seriously though, I just looked it up and the real 1940’s origin is just as dumb.

This is the problem with comics. Look too closely and everything is basically dumb.

Wasn’t Aquaman retconned or changed so his origin was being a native Atlantean? Or is he still basically a normal dude that “learned” to communicate with fish and conquer Atlantis? Did any of the DC comic universe reboots change that?

Yeah, the normal origin story of Aquaman now is that he is a native Atlantean who is the King of Atlantis, and that’s his main power. He controls fish and stuff still but they usually demphasize that and concentrate on his Atlanean physiology and hatred of the surface world. He’s kind of a grumpy anti hero now. He also has long hair, usually a goatee and is sometimes missing a hand. No more orange and green outfit, he’s basically a tough aristocrat now.